Birthday Parties

Sky Zone Buffalo, NY - Change Location

All Packages Include

  • Full color invitations and envelopes
  • One hour of jump time
  • Food and 40 minutes in our Sky Zone party room
  • Special Gifts! A one-hour open jump pass for your next jump and a unique Sky Zone party t-shirt

 Mini Jump Package

  • One hour of jump time
  • 8 jumper maximum
  • 1 large pizza (18 slices)
  • Beverages for all jumpers
  • Access to all public courts

Tuesday - Thursday, non-holidays: $150

Friday-Sunday: $175

*Please call 716.206.3300 to reserve this package. 



  • One hour of jump time for each jumper (minimum of 10, maximum of 100)
  • A party host to assist you and your guests
  • 1 sheet pizza (32 slices)
  • Beverages for all jumpers
  • Access to all public courts!
    • Foam Zone
    • Main Court (open jump)
    • 3D Dodgeball (if available)
    • Sky Slam (basketball)
Monday - Thursday, non-Holidays: $21/person

Friday - Sunday or Holidays: $24/person


  • One hour of open jump
  • A party host to assist you and your guests
  • 15 jumpers maximum
  • One sheet pizza, one large pizza (50 slices)
  • Personalized birthday cake (1/4) sheet
  • SkySocks for up to 15 jumpers

 Monday - Thursday (holidays excluded): $339

 Friday - Sunday & Holidays: $370

Supreme air package

  • Private Court Rental for 1 Hour
  • A party host to assist you and your guests
  • Maximum of 23 jumpers
  • Access to Sky Slam (basketball) and the Foam Zone
  • 2 sheet pizzas (64 slices)
  • Personalized Sky Zone Birthday Cake (1/2 sheet)
Monday - Thursday, non-Holidays: $429

Friday - Sunday, or Holidays: $479




  • Medium (8 slices): $17
  • Large (18 slices): $23
  • Sheet (32 slices): $30


  • Additional Gatorade: Small ($2) or Large ($2.50)
  • Sky Socks: $1 each
  • Sky Zone T-shirts: $12
  • Personalized Birthday Cake: $35 (1/4 sheet) $55 (1/2 sheet)
  • Private Room (40 minutes):
    • Mon-Thurs: $50
    • Fri-Sun (& Holidays): $75

Note: Private room already included in birthday party packages

Fit-n-fresh catering

Looking for a Healthier Alternative to Pizza? 

Say no more! Fit-N-Fresh Catering is here for you! If you elect to add-on our Healthy Upgrade, Fit-N-Fresh Catering will deliver you an assortment of organic energy and fresh ingredients just in time for your party! Please be sure to give us at least one week lead time for catering add-ons.

Please note: A credit to your account will be applied for the pre-included food pricing for you to put toward your Fit-N-Fresh Upgrade. For example: Jump Around Packages will receive a $34 discount to cover the cost of upgrading from pizza to Fit-N-Fresh Upgrade. Super Jump Packages will be credited $38 and Supreme Air Packages will be discounted $40. For more information on the swap, contact a Sky Zone Event Planner today!

Pricing for the Fit-N-Fresh Upgrade is a la carte and provided below:


  • Chicken Quesadilla Platter - organic chicken, cheddar cheese and salsa. (serves 8-10) $18
  • Fresh Fruit Platter - assorted seasonal fruit (serves 8-10) $16
  • Sandwich Platter - assorted sandwiches (peanut butter & jelly, turkey & cheese, etc on wheat or white bread (serves 8-10) $14
  • Dessert Platter - organic energy bar bites with fresh fruit garnish (serves 8-10) $21


  • Wrap Platter - assorted 1/2 wraps made with organic ingredients (chicken salad, buffalo chicken, and hummus veggie) (serves 8-10) $37.50
  • Fresh Organic Salad - field greens, tomato, cucumber, carrots, celery, garbanzo beans and other optional toppings (avocado, oranges, goat cheese, etc.) with our house Italian or Balsamic dressings (serves 8-10) $32.50
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