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Imagine an endless sea of trampolines, all connected to form one massive trampoline surface. Now imagine that massive trampoline is surrounded by angled trampolines, letting you literally bounce off the walls. 

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

This wall-to-wall sea of trampoline epic-ness is known as Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, and there's now one waiting for you right in Elmhurst, Illinois. Sky Zone is the ultimate 3D play experience for people of all ages, shapes and physical abilities. That's right, it's not just for kids! From open jump, birthday party packages and group events to 3D dodgeball, fitness classes and corporate outings, Sky Zone seriously has something for everyone. 


But don't just take our word for it - come fly with us today. 





For easier check-in, please fill out your waiver online before arriving. Fill out your waiver electronically here.




For guaranteed jump times, pre-purchase your tickets online. Click here to purchase jump tickets.

Special Hours 

Friday, April 18: open 11am - 8pm

Monday, May 26: open 11am - 8pm


Regular Business Hours

  • Monday:  Closed
  • Tuesday:  Open Jump 3pm - 8pm
  • Wednesday:  Open Jump 3pm - 8pm
  • Thursday:  Open Jump 3pm - 8pm
  • Friday:  Open Jump 3pm - 8pm | Jumpapalooza 8pm - 10pm
  • Saturday:  Open Jump 10am - 9pm | Sky Jam (ages 16+) 9pm - 11pm
  • Sunday:  Open Jump 11am - 8pm

Open Jump Pricing

  • 30 minutes:  $10
  • 60 minutes:  $14
  • 90 minutes:  $18
  • 120 minutes: $22
  • SkyJam:  $18
  • Leap & Lunch:  $18
  • Jumpapalooza:  $18
  • Super Jump Pass: $100 for 10 hours of jumping

Prices include SkySocks. Sales tax also included.

Guarantee Your Jump Time!

Guarantee your jump time by pre-purchasing your tickets.


Waivers are required for ALL jumpers!

Jumpers under 18 must be signed by their parent or legal guardian. For faster check-in, please fill out your waiver online before arriving at Sky Zone. 

Click here for our online waiver.

Please note: Even if a minor is brought by a family member, the jumper will NOT be permitted to jump unless their waiver is signed by their parent or legal guardian. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, babysitters, step-parents, etc. are not able to sign waivers if they are not the legal guardian of the jumper. If a jumper is coming in a carpool or for a birthday party or other Sky Zone event, parents do not need to be present at the time of registration, but they absolutely MUST have signed the waiver on their jumper's behalf. Electronic waivers may be signed by clicking on the link below; you may also print out a paper copy to be filled out prior to arriving. Paper copy waivers will also be available at the door. However, any waiver that is missing ANY data will be considered invalid. All contact information on the waiver is MANDATORY. 

For questions regarding waivers, please call (331) 209-6333 or visit our FAQ tab.

Click here to fill out your waiver electronically

Guarantee your jump time

The ONLY way to guarantee your jump time is to pre-purchase jump tickets online (groups of 14 or less). 

Due to a high volume of calls, we are not be able to guarantee tickets sold over the phone. We are not able to "reserve" tickets without payment. We have a very strict court capacity and due to safety, which means we can only permit a certain number of jumpers on the courts at any given jump time. Because of safety, we are unable to extend ANY jump tickets past their original stop times, and we cannot start jumpers earlier than their designated start time.  

Please plan on arriving 20 to 30 minutes before your designated jump time in order to check in and get prepped before jumping. If your check-in process (including receiving your tickets, hearing the rules, changing into your skysocks, etc) runs into your jump time, we are UNABLE to extend your ticket jump time. Please arrive extra early to make sure you start on time.  

Click here to pre-purchase your jump tickets online

General info

Sky Zone has a policy of one person per trampoline. We reserve the right to separate jumpers by size. Dodgeball is not guaranteed unless you have purchased a private court, Super Jump Party Package or Supreme Air Party Package. We always try to accommodate our jumpers' needs based on availability.


Friday nights are high-flying fun at Sky Zone! The ultimate way to FLY is each Friday night with Jumpapalooza, open to all ages.

Jumpapalooza: Friday nights, 8pm - 10pm. Cost: $18/person. Price includes 90 minutes of jumping, two slices of pizza and a small soft drink.



Saturday night SkyJam = unparalleled, unmatched and out-of-this-world FUN. SkyJam is held each Saturday night, EXCLUSIVELY for jumpers ages 16 and up. Zip across the court, freestyle your latest moves, try out new some flips and tricks, or test your competitive skill in an awesome game of 3D Dodgeball. Quite simply, it's some SICK wall-to-wall action. 

SkyJam: Saturday nights, 9pm - 11pm. Cost: $18/person. Price includes 90 minutes of jumping, two slices of pizza and a small soft drink.



Leap into SkyZone for our best Family Day Out deal! Leap & Lunch is the perfect way to let parents have a much-needed break, or to catch up with friends in our Parent Zone while the kids jump the day away.

Saturdays beginning April 12: 10am - 12pm. Cost: $18/person. Price includes 2 hours of jumping and two slices of pizza.


For a unique and memorable birthday party, bring your group to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park. Soar higher than ever before as you bounce across our patented, all-trampoline-walled playing courts. You can even play 3-D versions of your favorite sports, like dodgeball. 

(Please note: We cannot guarantee dodgeball with general admission due to court availability and size separation.)

Ready to take your next birthday to the SKY? Sky Zone offers several out-of-this-world birthday party packages to literally make your party soar!  Check out the flier below for details on our party packages.

Have questions or are ready to book your next party? Call us today at 331-209-6333, or book your party online anytime, day or night! Click here to book your party online.



Team party? Family outing? Church, school or corporate event? Sky Zone Elmhurst is the perfect destination!

Bring your group to the SKY today. We offer some of the most unique, FUN and fit activities around on our patented, all-trampoline-walled playing courts. No matter how big or small your group may be, we can accommodate you. Questions? Want to book an event? Call us at 331-209-6333 to speak with an event coordinator today or click the 'Email' icon above to contact us online.

Scheduling an outing for your non-profit? Call us today for non-profit pricing at (331) 209-6333.



Booking a super large group? Just want the park to yourself? Rent out our whole place for your next group or corporate event! Call us today to discuss park rental information and pricing.


If creating the world's first all-trampoline, walled playing court wasn't enough, Sky Zone created ULTIMATE DODGEBALL to go along with it! What is Ultimate Dodgeball? It's all the action and thrill of regular dodgeball (you know you love it!), but played atop Sky Zone's patented playing court - bringing the concept of 'DIP, DODGE, DUCK, DIVE - and FLY' to life!

Pick up games are held daily at Sky Zone (when available based on size, courts, etc).


UDC 2014

The UDC (Ultimate Dodgeball Championship) is coming to Sky Zone Elmhurst on JUNE 29th, and it’s bigger than ever featuring over 50 Local Qualifiers throughout the U.S. & Canada. 

Cost: $99/TEAM (plus tax & SkySocks). Ages: 16+

Gather your teammates, and be prepared to register to claim your spot in this unmatched, high-flyin’ event! Stay connected to and for news and updates.

Register online here!


Sky Zone in Elmhurst is always looking for outgoing, energetic, and customer-focused people to join our team. We are currently looking for individuals to fill the following positions:

  • Court Monitors
  • Cashiers
  • Event hosts

Please fill out the job application and assessment below to apply for any of our available positions. All qualified applicants will be contacted by the management team.

Click here to fill out our application. Then click here for our assessment.

Please email your completed application to



What is Sky Zone?

Just under 30,000 square feet of trampoline surface where you can literally bounce off the walls! These patented, all-trampoline-walled playing courts are the foundation of Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park since we opened our first location in 2004. Sky Zone is enjoyed by all ages, shapes and physical abilities on a regular basis. From open jump, 3-D Dodgeball and Sky Fitness classes to birthday party packages, group events and corporate team building outings, there is truly something for everyone!


What do you offer at your facility?

Sky Zone offers a variety of activities on our patented all-trampoline walled playing field. As the premiere location for active fun in the Chicagoland area, we feature four 3-D dodgeball courts, the largest foam zone around and our Sky Slam dunking court! Other activities include open jumping, birthday parties, 3-D dodgeball, Sky Fitness classes, and corporate team building events.



Do I need to sign a waiver before I can jump at Sky Zone?

Yes. Every jumper needs to sign a liability waiver. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must fill the waiver out for you. Parents or legal guardians do not have to be present when you visit the facility. Fill out our online waiver now!

What do you mean by legal guardian?

A minor’s (anyone under 18) legal guardian is their parent or an adult who has been appointed by a court to act on their behalf. If you are the legal guardian of a minor, we ask that you present the corresponding “Letter of Guardianship” the legal document issued by the court designating a person to act as guardian on behalf of another person. These letters specify the type of guardianship as well as the powers and duties of the guardian. A grandparent, older sibling, godparent, friend of the family or other relative is NOT a legal guardian, and will not be able to sign a waiver for a minor that is not their child.


If I brought a waiver once, do I need to bring one again?

Our general rule is that valid/legible waivers for walk-in guests are kept on file for one year. However, for a variety of reasons, this cannot be guaranteed. It’s always a good idea, if there is any doubt, to bring a new one or phone ahead to see if your waiver remains valid. If you attended a birthday party or group event your waiver will only be valid for the day of the event.


We have been there and filled out waivers on-site. Do we need another?

If you visited with a group or birthday party, you will need to fill out another waiver. If you were a walk-in guest, you should be on file, and the cashier will verify for you.


Do I need to make reservations?

No. We accept walk-in guests during all open hours of operation (subject to availability). However, we highly recommend you purchase tickets online in order to guarantee your jump time.


Do I have to Buy SkySocks?

Yes. SkySocks are required for all jumpers on any of our courts. SkySocks are $2.00 per pair and are included in your jump ticket. SkySocks can be reused after approval from a Sky Zone Team Member. In order to be reused, SkySocks must be clean and free of holes, and all grips must be intact.

Is there an age limit?

No. Jumpers that are able to walk may jump. We recommend that guests who are six years of age or younger visit during a slower time of the day for safety (typically, although not always, weekdays or earlier in the day on weekends).

Is there a weight limit?

Yes. Our weight limit is 300 lbs.



What should I wear to jump?

Wear clothing that is comfortable to move around in. Gym clothes are best. Overly baggy clothing and hats are not permitted on our courts. Before jumping, you must remove all jewelry and accessories and empty your pockets.

Do you have open jump?

Yes. Any hour that we are open for business and do not have an age-specific program scheduled, we are available for open jump (as long as we have not reached capacity).



Can parents jump with kids on the same trampoline?

No. We separate jumpers by size for safety reasons. Only one jumper is allowed per trampoline square at all times. 



When is the best time to jump at your facility?

Our lesser-busy times are typically Tuesday through Thursday, but we can never guarantee a jump time unless you purchase your tickets online.



Can my kids play dodgeball?

We separate participants by size and require a minimum number of players for a game, so we can never guarantee you’ll be able to play dodgeball. Our dodgeball courts are usually open to the public. When multiple age groups want to play dodgeball, we will rotate them.

Can I watch my kids while they’re jumping?

Yes, you can watch from any of our court entrances or from our parents' lounge in the mezzanine.



Can my 5-year-old jump with their 15-year-old sibling?

No. They will not be able to jump next to each other because we separate jumpers by size for safety reasons.

How often are jumpers injured at Sky Zone?

Just like any other activity of this nature, there is the potential for injury at Sky Zone. Unfortunately we can’t eliminate this, but we can and certainly do minimize it with our rules that balance safety with fun. The vast majority of injuries are minor in nature, and mostly occur when rules are broken or participants attempt moves outside their physical abilities.

Have you ever had any breaks (broken legs, broken arms, etc.)?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business, breaks have happened - but it is extremely rare given that we have had over a million participants in Sky Zone's seven-year history. Again, it is a physical activity, and avoiding these types of injuries with the number of participants that jump would be impossible. Luckily, we minimize such risk to the nth degree, and ask and encourage jumpers to do so even more by staying within our facility’s rules and their own personal limitations and abilities.



What safety precautions do you take?

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to help ensure a safe experience at Sky Zone. First, our courts are always supervised by trained court monitors, stationed to implement key rules when necessary. Second, we have court rules that we have carefully designed and ask all jumpers to carefully follow. These include restrictions on double flipping and flipping over pads, and separating jumpers as best as possible by size. Though size separation can never be an exact science, we do our best to help ensure that inappropriate sizes are not mixed together on our courts. Third, we have established court capacities for each of our courts. And lastly, unlike backyard trampolines that many are used to, our courts are walled. In addition, safety nets are installed underneath the courts to prevent anyone from falling through.



What is Sky Jam?

Sky Jam is a special deal that we only offer teens aged 16 years and older on Saturdays from 9pm and 11:00pm. For only $18, jumpers get 90 minutes of jump time, two slices of pizza and a small soft drink. Please keep in mind that all guests require a valid waiver (under 18 must have waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian). Please arrive 30 minutes early to ensure timely check-in. We reserve the right to separate participants by size for safety, and 3-D Dodgeball cannot be guaranteed with admission.



What is SkyMania?

It's your 90 minute, all-access pass to everything Sky Zone Elmhurst for our customers who are 10-15 years old! 90 minutes of jump time, including open jump, Foam Zone access, 3-D Dodgeball, plus two pieces of pizza and a small drink afterwards! All for just $18/person.



How far in advance can I purchase tickets?

You may purchase your online tickets up to 90 days in advance.

What does next available jump time mean?

We have posted signs in the building that will keep you updated on the next available jump time. As one block of time is sold out, the available jump time moves back 30 minutes and continues to move back in time until all the time slots are sold out for that particular day. When you see the sign with the next available jump time listed on it, that is the time we can sell jumps.



If the venue is sold out can I still jump?

No. Occasionally, we sell all the available jump times for the day and are completely sold out. This means we have no tickets available for sale for the remainder of that day and are unable to make exceptions.



If I have a free jump pass, do I still have to wait in line to get a jump time?

Yes. If you have a free jump pass, you must still check in with the cashiers. You must ensure that all waivers are completed and correct, and you must be issued your jump sticker and SkySocks. You may not use a free jump pass to purchase tickets online.



Am I required to purchase tickets online?

No. You do not have to purchase tickets online, but it is strongly recommended. Purchasing tickets online ensures you’ll be able to jump on your preferred date and time. Walk-ins without tickets risk the chance of not being able to jump when you want, or possibly not being able to jump at all if we are sold out.



I purchased tickets online, but something came up and I need to re-schedule. What do I do ?

Unfortunately all online ticket sales are final. Online tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged for different times or dates. In order to use their online ticket, each participant is required to present a valid, properly completed waiver (those under 18 must have their waiver completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian). In order to guarantee your timely check-in, please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled jump time.