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male with white shirt throwing red dodgeball midair

Ultimate Dodgeball In Allendale, NJ

Your favorite sport in gym class
Made Ultimate

Have you always loved the game of dodgeball? Take it to a whole new level at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Allendale, NJ! You can turn up the heat when you blast off on trampolines surrounded by walled courts. The bouncy walls and floors give you freedom to move like never before in the game of dodgeball. Leap, soar through the air, bounce off the wall, or flip around! Even if you have a crash landing, it is going to be soft. You'll be back up on your feet in seconds, ready to whip the ball at your opponents again!

Round up your buddies or make Ultimate Dodgeball a new family tradition. Sky Zone in Allendale is your go-to arena for dodgeball excitement. It's an excellent choice for school or church group outings, or your next birthday party celebration. Jump in today and experience the reimagined game of Ultimate Dodgeball!

Ultimate Dodgeball