Don't forget to wear your mask upon entering the park. Jumpers will NOT be required to wear a mask while participating in activities on the courts/attractions. All guests on the platform watching must have a valid waiver on file, Sky Socks and a "Parent No Jump" sticker.
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Little Leapers In Belden Village, OH

For Kids on the Grow

Thursday, and Sunday from 9:30am to 11:00am

$10 per Toddler (age 6 & under) , $5 per adult.

Play Time
With a Purpose

Little Leapers is a fun, high-energy play adventure, created for parents and little ones to enjoy together.

You’ll love watching your child bounce, climb, and explore in a safe environment while interacting with similar age children and learning about sharing, teamwork, and other important social skills.

Bond, make memories, and watch your Little Leaper thrive.

Learn and Grow
Through Different Types of Play

Little Leapers sessions include a mix of structured and unstructured activities lead by instructors and/or parents that allow children (age 6 & under) to explore, learn, and grow as they play.
  • Active Play Time promotes exploration of the attractions in the park while helping to develop hand-eye coordination, balance, and social skills.
  • Sensory Play Time features activities like jumping, playing with dodgeballs, and building things with Sky Blocks that provide opportunities for kids to develop fine motor skills and flex their creative muscles.
  • Music Time gets everyone up and moving to sing and dance to popular movie hits and classic nursery rhymes while making precious memories with your little one.

Fuel Their
Mind and Body

After burning up all that energy, it’s time to wind-down and refuel.
  • Enjoy a variety of snack options and beverages at our Fuel Zone (available for purchase, not included in program admission unless otherwise stated).

For Kids
on the grow

Little Leapers is a fun, high-energy play adventure, created for parents and little ones to enjoy together! You’ll love watching your child bounce, climb and explore in a safe environment. Bond, make memories, and watch your little leaper thrive.

Check out our calendar for all of our special themed events that include visits from your children’s favorite characters!

Check out the calendar located on our website: HERE

Look for our Little Leapers Punch Card & Memberships which can be used for Little Leaper jump times on Thursday and Sunday from 930am to 11am.

The Little Leapers Punch Card comes with 5 Little Leaper jumps and can be purchased for $40.

Our Little Leapers Memberships gives parents and children entry to ALL Little Leapers events and also allows you to jump during regular Open Jump days/hours for 90-minutes.

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Little Leapers