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Ultimate Dodgeball In Bethel, CT

Your favorite sport in gym class
Made Ultimate

Dodgeball is one of the best ways to get a workout and have a great time while doing so. You probably remember plenty of good dodgeball games from school, but you've never seen a dodgeball game quite like the one that we offer here at Sky Zone in Bethel, Connecticut.

The Ultimate Dodgeball experience at Sky Zone puts a whole new twist on one of the most beloved of all gym class games. Our trampoline courts transform dodgeball it into a high-flying extravaganza that turns the classic challenge into a totally new and unique experience.

As you jump, twist and bounce to avoid elimination, our trampoline park will become the most exciting dodgeball arena you have ever seen. When you join us for an exciting round of Ultimate Dodgeball, you and your teammates will have a high-energy experience that you won't soon forget. Come and find out how your dodgeball skills stack up to the competition. Experience the next level of dodgeball fun today at Sky Zone Bethel.