Male with gray shirt about to dunk a basket on SkySlam court

SkySlam In Bismarck, ND

Dunk Like The Pros

If you want a game that adds a whole lot of attitude to basketball, then try SkySlam at Sky Zone in Bismarck, ND. You'll get the intensity of basketball mixed with the feeling of flying that you get from a trampoline. Once you step out onto the court, there is nothing stopping you from hoops glory. In fact, you may be able to dunk just like your favorite stars.

SkySlam is a great game to play with your friends or even by yourself if you just want to put on your own dunk display. When you slam the ball home through one of the hoops at Sky Zone, you'll feel like you're in the clouds!

Book your next event at Sky Zone in Bismarck or just come by with your friends. When you try SkySlam, you'll get a unique basketball experience like no other.