Sky Zone Boston Heights is closed and we hope to reopen at a future date. Please take care of yourselves and each other!
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Sky Zone fundraising event

Fundraising In Boston Heights, OH

Need a partner for a fundraising event? Sky Zone is the place to raise awareness, excitement – and money – for your organization! We are committed to supporting our community and eager to help.

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We LOVE to support our community and charitable organizations! We offer both in-park fundraiser options as well as external ticket sale fundraising options. Get ready to put on the easiest, most profitable. and most fun Fundraiser ever! Give us a call at 234-249-3030 for more information or see our options below!
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In-Park Fundraising Option

Want to have a high-flying fundraising night at Sky Zone?! Not only can you make money for every jumper, you can choose your price point and give everyone in your organization a discount to jump WHILE STILL making money! Through this program, you can earn between $3 and $7 per jumper!
  • Step 1. Grab a Fundraising Form
  • Step 2. Choose a Date
  • Step 3. Pick your price point
  • Step 4. Tell your supporters
  • Step 5. Receive a portion of your jump sales!

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Sky Zone Boston Heights Park Closure

Sky Zone Boston Heights reopened on July 6 after being closed since March 16 due to COVID-19. Over the last 2 months we have been proud to provide a safe place for our Guests to move, have fun and of course play.

During these trying times we are not able to maintain a positive cash flow so we are closing the Park today, August 31, 2020. We hope to reopen at a future date when the business environment improves. We are a local family owned business that wants to continue to provide our Guests with amazing birthdays, fun with their friends, memorable group outings and a great place to work for our Team Members.

We will continue to monitor the business environment. We love serving this community and want to thank you all for your continued support. Please take care of yourselves and each other!
Temporarily Closed