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Need a partner for a fundraising event? Sky Zone is the place to raise awareness, excitement – and money – for your organization! We are committed to supporting our community and eager to help.

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We LOVE to support our community and charitable organizations! We offer both in-park fundraiser options as well as external ticket sale fundraising options. Get ready to put on the easiest, most profitable. and most fun Fundraiser ever! Give us a call at 234-249-3030 for more information or see our options below!
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In-Park Fundraising Option

Want to have a high-flying fundraising night at Sky Zone?! Not only can you make money for every jumper, you can choose your price point and give everyone in your organization a discount to jump WHILE STILL making money! Through this program, you can earn between $3 and $7 per jumper!
  • Step 1. Grab a Fundraising Form
  • Step 2. Choose a Date
  • Step 3. Pick your price point
  • Step 4. Tell your supporters
  • Step 5. Receive a portion of your jump sales!

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