Chase from Paw Patrol will be here on Sunday, August 19 for Toddler Time from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. Come to jump and take pictures with Chase.
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Girl and mom during toddler time glow

Toddler Time Glow In Boston Heights, OH

Experience GLOW with your Toddler! On select Mondays throughout the year Toddlers and Parents can enjoy jumping in the dark! $10 per Toddler, $5 per Parent for 120-minute Glow jump! SkySocks and Glow t-shirts are not included but can be purchased for $2 and $5, respectively. Don't worry, if you have a pair of SkySocks or a Glow t-shirt already you can bring those items in! Free Glow facepaint for all jumpers! Large pizzas can be ordered for families during check-in! Jump time for children 6 and under!

$10 for Toddlers, $5 for Parents

Toddler Time Glow

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