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Ninja Warrior Team Building Workshop In Brighton, MI

Ninja Warrior Team Building Workshop

This workshop is an awesome team building activity for sports teams, scouts, corporate teams or any kind of group that wants to have fun and learn how to work better together. The workshop can be customized based on the size of your group and encourages team to work together to successfully complete a series of ninja warrior obstacles in the best time possible while utilizing all team members where they can best contribute. Obstacles include -

Teams can be selected in advance or drawn at random and can include up to 15 participants each. We can customize the number of teams and team size based on the size of your group. Each team will practice all of the obstacles for the first hour with the assistance of experienced ninja trainers. Next they create the line-up they believe gives them the best chance to win. Then each team will have at least 1 attempt to conquer the course and the best time wins. This unique blend of strategy and skill building create the perfect opportunity to learn to effectively work as a team. The balance of the second hour includes free play on any of the Sky Zone attractions and some Dodgeball just for fun. Optional food and beverage packages and prizes can be added to your event.

Ninja Warrior Team Building Pricing is Per Participant with a Minimum of 10 (Includes SkySocks)

Contact Shannon at 810.224.6200, ext. 3035 to begin planning your event!