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College & University Student Savings In Mississauga, ON

Come join us on Thursday nights for College Night!

Get 2 hours for the price of 1!

Between guaranteed Dodgeball on College Night and our Warrior Course, it's going to be easy to burn off some of those late night snacks.

Can't make it on Thursdays? That's okay...because all college and university students get 15% OFF any jump, any time.

See below for terms & conditions.

College & University Student Savings

  • Offers cannot be combined. Not applicable during School Holidays & March Break. Not applicable during School Holidays & March Break.
    College night offer is for students to get a second hour of jump time for free when the first hour is purchased at regular price on Thursday nights. Valid for open jump times. Must show valid student ID in park to redeem.
    15% savings offer is valid for all jump times including GLOW.