Male with gray shirt about to dunk a basket on SkySlam court

SkySlam In Moncton, NB

Dunk Like The Pros

Imagine playing a game of basketball where you and your friends can jump incredibly high and slam dunk the ball with ease. Well, you no longer have to fantasize with SkySlam! At Sky Zone indoor trampoline park in Moncton, NB, you can jump, bounce, soar through the air and slam dunk the ball just like a pro player. You've never experienced a game of hoops like this before!

No matter your age, size, or body type, we have hoops of different heights for everyone. Even if you're not the tallest person in the world, you can easily reach the hoop playing with our patented trampolines. In addition to being a fantastic source of fun, SkySlam is challenging and demanding enough to entice your competitive side.

Check out Sky Zone Moncton today to experience all our attractions including SkySlam!