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New Attraction!

Toddler Zone In Moncton, NB

3 Level Toddler Play Structure
Check Out Our NEW Indoor Play Structure & Play Ground!

What’s New?
Sky Zone Moncton has added even more FUN for younger ones in Moncton! If you were looking for more things to do with your kids in Moncton add this to your list!

We have introduced a 3 Level Indoor Toddler Play Structure that is accessible to children ages 7 and under. Our 3 Level Toddler Indoor Play Structure is filled with fun activities creating a true adventure feel for the younger ones as well as providing them with a safe area of their own separate from older children within our facility but they have access to all of our park features. It is the perfect indoor play ground for children in Moncton. Our 3 Level Indoor Play Structure allows for parents and their younger children to navigate through our slides, tunnels, bridges, climbing steps, spinners, obstacles, and more! Creating exciting and cherished memories for parents and their younger children.

Check out the full video of our Indoor Play Structure here!

Can Parents Go?
Parents are absolutely welcome to join and play in the Toddler Play Structure with their children!

Do Parents Pay?
Parents have 2 options

Option 1: Parents Go Free - With this option parents are able to go navigate the Toddler Play structure, and navigate throughout the park while interacting & tending to their children. The parents do not have to purchase a jump pass to do this. A valid waiver, and Sky Zone Jump socks are required though.
With this option parents are not permitted to play on the adult equipment such as our obstacle course, warped wall, foam zone, basketball, etc… If parents want to play on the adult equipment they will be required to purchase a play pass for themselves as well.

Option 2: Purchase a Play Pass - This option is great for the parents who want to get out there and play on all of the equipment Sky Zone Moncton has to offer! Play, laugh, and adventure with your children throughout Sky Zone with no restrictions.

Are Toddlers Restricted To JUST The Play Structure?
No. Toddler Play Passes give them access to the entire park! They are welcome everywhere throughout Sky Zone Moncton.

Are Sky Zone Socks Required?
Yes. Our Sky Zone Grip Socks are part of the safety of our equipment and we do require that they be Sky Zone made jump socks in suitable condition. The Sky Zone socks are part of the safety here and we require them to be made from our trusted manufacturer.

Sky Zone Jump Sock are $4.99/per pair +tax

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Toddler Zone

  • 3 levels of fun for the younger ones! Join us for our new kid zone play structure (available for kids 7 & Under) giving them an area of their own to explore when they are taking a break from all the other park activities that they are able to participate in. This area is included in all park activity passes and does not cost extra.