two boys playing tug of war
New Attraction!

Tug of War In Moncton, NB

Tug Of War Zone
Challenge your friends or family to a feat of skill & strength!

Sky Zone Moncton has introduced NEW Tug of War Zone located on elevated platforms above a cushiony foam pit! Challenge your friends, family, a nearby Sky Zone Jumper, or even a Sky Zone staff member to a feat of skill & strength!

First person to fall off or run out of rope loses!

Its not all about strength with our Tug of War Set Up! You can just as easily be tricked into pulling hard and falling backwards into our foam pit as they could also pull you forward into our foam pit! Be creative, it’s not all about strength and size in our Tug of War Zone!

How Many People Can Play at Once?
We recommend that only 1 person per side competes on our Tug of War Zone at once. We want to avoid anyone falling on top of each other even if it is into a foam pit.

1 VS.1 makes things a lot more personal and allows individuals to be even more creative!

Are There Age Restrictions for Tug of War?
Tug of War is open to all ages!

Tug of War

  • Our Tug of War Zone is now OPEN! Bring a friend and come try it out!