New Attraction!

VR Zone In Moncton, NB

Virtual Reality Studio
Experience Virtual World Video Games!

Come experience the future of digital entertainment with our NEW Virtual Reality Studio at Sky Zone Moncton!

Our Virtual Reality Studio lets you experience gaming on a completely different level! You’re not just a player anymore, you are the main protagonist! Put on your VR Headset, grab your joysticks, and embrace the qualitative new emotions!

What Is A Virtual Reality Studio?
Our Virtual Reality Studio is a completely immersive entertainment experience in which you truly enter the video game! Put on our Virtual Reality headset, grab the controllers, and you will be blown away by the virtual reality world you are surrounded by, you wont even realize you're in Sky Zone Moncton!

Our Virtual Reality Studio will be comprised of 4 individual Virtual Reality zones with over 25 games to choose from for all ages!

Check out the video demonstration here

Virtual Reality Game Options
There are lots of options including Adventure, Fantasy, Shooter, & More!

Our Virtual Reality Studio will have more than 25 VR games with new games being released monthly! With this variety of games, we have options for adults & children both single player & multiplayer creating the ultimate Virtual Reality Experience!

Check out some of the Virtual Reality Game Options Montage Video Here

Single Player or Multiplayer Games?

You are able to play alone or with your friends alongside you, and if you are just playing Single Player your game is being broadcasted on our Big Screen Tv’s for your friends & family to watch!
If you play a multiplayer game you can play 2-4 players at once in the same game

Virtual Reality Session Options
We offer 10-minute sessions, 30 Minute sessions, or 1 Hour Sessions

Virtual Reality Studio Age Recommendations
We have games for adults & children!

We recommend Ages 5+

Virtual Reality Studio Prices
10 Minute Virtual Reality Session $9.99
30 Minute Virtual Reality Session $17.99
1 Hour Virtual Reality Session $29.99

*To use our Virtual Reality Studio you can purchase VR Sessions separate from Sky Zone Moncton Park Activity Passes - SZ Activity Passes (Toddler, 60 Minute, Open Play Pass, etc.) do not include the Virtual Reality Studio - the VR Studio Tickets are purchased separate.

Is Advanced Booking Required?
We recommend booking your Virtual Reality time in advance to secure your spot and avoid lengthy wait times.

You will be able to reserve in advance on our website by clicking "Book Now" Above!

Walk ins are always welcome but subject to availability prioritizing our pre-booked times.

Virtual Reality Birthday Party Packages
We will have Virtual Reality Studio Birthday Party Packages coming soon! Stay tuned for this exciting new Birthday Party option!

E-mail for any questions, or future birthday party bookings