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Come enjoy Sky Zone during general park hours. Also, see the calendar below for programs that occur at specific times.
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Sky Zone Moncton is Relocating

Sky Zone Moncton is on the move!
We are so excited to announce our re-opening in our new location!!!
We are under construction and we will advise of our opening date ASAP as we get closer to the end of our construction phase

You can now find us at 615 St George Blvd, Moncton. (It’s across from the Irving gas station/Hillcrest school, close to Centenial Park!)

Centrally located for all our guests in the tri-community area. We will be back bigger and better than ever!
The new park is 28,000 sqft (... yup, that’s bigger than our old location!) and will be packed with fun!!
It has taken longer for the timing to be right to open than what we would have liked. But the great news is we are finally here!!
A lot of planning and details have been worked out to do this right. Our Guests’ safety is top priority and we are now on the back side of this pandemic, with vaccines and knowledge. It’s time to have some fun!!
In keeping with our reputation for safety and cleanliness, we are addressing Covid 19 head-on
Our equipment by design keeps our jumpers 6-8’ apart, social distancing will be constantly monitored, and we will be operating with reduced capacities and Covid safety rules
until the virus settles.
We are modifying the park processes and adding new UV equipment to our heating/cooling systems to help kill viruses and bacteria as it circulates the air, to go above and beyond keeping the park as clean and as safe as possible.
We ask that everyone help us heal and stay open by following the rules
. Together we can help Sky Zone and so many other local companies get through this unprecedented time. Our locally owned Sky Zone supports many other local businesses. Let’s do this to help everyone!

We will announce our opening day as soon as we can, as we get closer to the end of our construction phase.
For those who are wanting to book parties we hope to have our computers up and running by early July so watch for updates as we go.
Memberships will definitely be back in full swing after we open. For those with annual memberships we will be taking care of you as well

A very special thank you to everyone who reached out to check on us over the past year. We thank you for your understanding. This has been a difficult journey. We are so thankful for the support.

A huge shout out and SKY-SIZED THANK YOU to the generous help and love from our Sky Friends, businesses and family who are helping us to get open again.
It’s been a wild year for so many. We can’t wait to see all our Sky Friends at the park again!
Updates will be posted in weeks ahead as things progress, so keep an eye on our Facebook page and website.
Thank you!
The Sky Zone Team
Stay safe and keep it fun!