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Sky Zone est un endroit où tous peuvent jouer. Nous savons que vous avez une foule d’options d’endroits où aller jouer, alors faites attention à votre sécurité et à celle des autres pour que Sky Zone reste un endroit agréable pour tous. Référez-vous aux règles ci-dessous, que nous vous demandons de respecter.


Guest/Park Safety & Care:
To learn about prevention and cleanliness measures Sky Zone is taking, please read here.

Sky Zone is designed for everyone, and we want to make sure you fly safe. We ask that you become familiar with and abide by the rules below and view the Sky Zone rules video and signage in park and at the Safety Zone. Remember, stay in your comfort zone. Do not attempt any activity, flip, jump, or trick you don’t think you can handle. Flips or other tricks can be dangerous, so perform at your own risk. Jumpers should not engage in court activities without a Sky Zone Team Member present. Failure to adhere to any of these or other rules at Sky Zone can/will result in the loss of your jump time. Thank you for always following our safety guidelines.

We care about your safety and injury healing time for personal injuries. Soft and Hard cast guests will not be approved for Sky Zone activities.

Avertissement : **Toute personne qui entre sur le parcours ou qui participe à une activité Sky Zone doit avoir rempli et signé une décharge valide Sky Zone. Les sauteurs de moins de 18 ans doivent faire signer leur décharge par un parent, un gardien légal ou une personne autorisée par la loi.

For Your Safety
Guest Responsibility

Guest Information
Everyone that enters a court or activity must have completed and signed a valid waiver.
Guests/Participants that are under 18 must have it completed and signed by their parent, legal guardian, or someone with power of attorney.
Prior to participating, all Guests and accompanying adults assume full responsibility to ensure the following:

  • Everyone’s waivers are properly executed
  • Everyone has viewed the rules
  • Everyone has read the rules signs posted
  • Everyone must have valid jump or activity time before entering any trampoline court or activity
  • Everyone completely understands and agrees to follow all rules and Team Member instructions
  • Everyone is in good health without restrictions
  • Everyone’s personal items such as eye wear, hearing aids, braces, prosthetic devices, watches, phones, cameras, are secure, impact resistant and suitable for use in a demanding sports environment
  • Everyone is aware of those around you. It is your responsibility to avoid others
  • No guns, knives, sharp objects, or weapons of any kind are allowed on premises
  • Remember your physical limitations
  • Follow all posted rules and directions given by staff members
  • No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed


For Your Safety
Park Information

  • Safety signs are posted throughout the park. Our team members will gladly remind you of these rules should you happen to “forget” while jumping.
  • Team Members are stationed throughout the park to enforce safety rules. They will also assist in the event of an injury.
  • Routine safety inspections are conducted to ensure that all equipment is in proper condition.
  • We aim to cover all springs between trampoline mats to help prevent accidents.
  • All posts in the park activity areas have padded coverings to protect participants from injury.
  • Park netting is strategically placed to separate attractions and safeguard steel framework.
  • Our foam pits are engineered to ensure that jumpers enjoy a clear pathway to the foam. All foam is regularly cleaned and circulated.
  • Our trampoline mats, pads, and decking surfaces are cleaned and disinfected daily.


Utilisez le menu déroulant pour vous familiariser avec les règles avant votre visite.


  • Retirez vos souliers et enfiler les chaussettes Sky Socks.
  • Videz entièrement vos poches
  • Marchez lorsque vous vous déplacez sur les parcours
  • Être en contrôle de votre corps
  • Maîtrisez la base du saut sur le trampoline avant d’essayer des mouvements plus avancés, comme les mouvements aériens ou les culbutes.
  • Pliez vos genoux pour arrêter de sauter.
  • Sautez au centre du trampoline.
  • Pratiquez à vos risques et périls. Les culbutes ou autres mouvements peuvent être dangereux.
  • Atterrir sur le trampoline le plus près lorsque vous sautez et culbutez à partir des trampolines muraux.
  • Être conscient de ceux qui vous entourent et sauter avec des gens de votre âge/taille.
  • Respectez toutes les règles du parc et toutes les instructions des membres de l’équipe
  • Remove street shoes / wear SkySocks.
  • Empty your pockets entirely.
  • Walk onto and off of the courts.
  • Be in control of your body.
  • Master the fundamentals of single trampoline jumping before moving onto more advanced skills, such as aerial or flipping-type skills.
  • Bend your knees to stop your bounce.
  • Bounce in the center of the trampoline.
  • Perform at your own risk. Flips and other tricks can be dangerous.
  • Land on the closest trampoline when bouncing and flipping off trampoline side walls.
  • Be aware of those around you and jump with people that are of similar age/size.
  • Follow all park rules and the Sky Zone Team Member's instructions.
  • Empty your pockets before entering SkySlam. No sharp or unauthorized objects allowed on court
  • Attempt dunk/shots at YOUR OWN RISK
  • One person per lane
  • Be aware of your landing position
  • Land on both feet near the center of the trampoline
  • Be in control of your body at all times
  • Follow all park rules and the Team Member's Instructions
  • Two teams start on the opposite back walls
  • Play begins when the Team Member signals
  • Players must never throw the ball from past the dividing line
  • If a center trampoline divides the 2 sides, players can retrieve a ball from it
  • First team to completely eliminate the opposing team wins
  • To eliminate a player you must hit him/her with a ball or catch a ball he/she has thrown
  • Once a player is hit they must exit the court.
  • If a teammate catches an opposing player's throw, one teammate who has been out the longest may return to the game
  • Tournament and league play are subject to rules changes
  • A player hit in the head while ducking or dodging is out
  • You may block a throw with a ball you are holding. However you are still out if:
  • 1. You are still out if the hit causes you to drop the ball
  • 2. You are still out if the ball deflects off the ball you are holding and still hits you.
  • 3. You are still out if your teammates block a hit but it deflects off your teammates ball and hits you
  • Make sure landing area is clear before jumping into the Foam Zone pit
  • Empty your pockets before entering the Foam Zone. No sharp or unauthorized objects allowed in the Foam Zone
  • Perform flips and tricks AT YOUR OWN RISK
  • One guest per lane
  • Land feet first and knees apart
  • Be in control of your body at all times
  • Follow all park rules and the Team Member's instructions
  • Stay in control of the jousting stick
  • Once any part of your body touches the airbag, you are out.
  • Last person standing wins
  • One person at a time
  • Climb up the SkyLadder on all fours
  • Avoid falling onto or through the SkyLadder
  • Exit the SkyLadder to the side
  • One person at a time running the wall
  • Slide down the fire pole to return to the ground
  • Maintain control of your body at all times
  • Remain clear of the runway and fall areas
  • Be aware of others around you
  • Land on your feet
  • Be in control of your body at all times
  • Be aware of those around you and nearby obstacles at all times
  • Perform at your own risk
  • Use the equipment as intended
  • Secure loose hair and drawstrings prior to participation
  • Remove street shoes and wear SkySocks
  • Empty your pockets entirely and remove loose items such as jewelry, watches
  • Follow all park rules and Team Member's instructions
  • Air Bags - Land as flat as possible on your back or bottom
  • Foam Pits - Land feet first and knees apart
  • Land feet first
  • Respect others in the area
  • Be in control of your body at all times
  • Empty pockets before playing in the Foam Zone
  • Follow all park rules and Team Member Instructions


  • Atterrir sur votre tête ou votre cou.
  • Double-sauter ou interagir avec le rebond d’un autre participant
  • Si un autre sauteur embarque sur votre trampoline, cessez de sauter jusqu’à ce que le sauteur soit parti.
  • Tentez tout mouvement hors de vos capacités.
  • Double-culbuter.
  • Faire plus de deux culbutes simples de suite.
  • Rien avoir dans votre bouche (gomme, bonbon, etc.)
  • S’asseoir ou se coucher sur le parcours. Si vous êtes fatigués ou que vous avez besoin d’une pause, vous devez quitter le parcours.
  • Pousser, bousculer, courir, courser ou vous chamailler.
  • Touchez les filets de périmètre ou les matelas du plafond.
  • Lancez de ballons en direction de la tête ou du cou d’un autre sauteur.
  • Porter de vêtements mouillés ou de peinture corporelle non approuvée.
  • Sautez en l’absence d’un membre de l’équipe.
  • Land on your head or neck.
  • Double bounce or affect another jumper’s bounce in any way.
  • If a guest enters your trampoline, discontinue jumping until the guest has exited your space.
  • Attempt any skill or activity outside of your personal limitations, abilities, or skill level.
  • Double flip.
  • Do more than two single flips in a row.
  • Have anything in your mouth (gum, candy, etc.).
  • Sit or lie on the court. If you are tired and need to rest, you must exit the court.
  • Push, tackle, run on flat surfaces, race, or engage in horseplay of any kind.
  • Touch any perimeter netting or top pads.
  • Throw balls at another jumper’s head or neck area.
  • Wear wet clothes or unapproved body paint.
  • Jump if a Sky Zone Team Member is not present.
  • Land on your head or neck
  • Double bounce or affect another jumper's bounce in any way
  • Attempt anything beyond your ability level
  • Perform flips on SkySlam
  • Hang on the rim
  • Bounce off the back wall or netting
  • Touch any part of the basketball backboard or netting
  • Head shots resulting from a high thrown ball, results in the thrower being called out
  • Suicide throws are never allowed during any point of the game
  • Double bouncing or affecting another jumper's bounce is not permitted
  • Land on your head or neck
  • Dive or pencil dive
  • Double bounce or affect another jumper's bounce in any way
  • Attempt anything beyond your skill level
  • Jump into the Foam Zone pit until the landing area is clear
  • Double flip, back flip, or do forward moving back flips (Gainers)
  • Dive or land on head, neck, or stomach
  • Hit opponents in the head, neck or groin
  • Flip off the pedestal
  • Swing jousting stick above the head
  • Dive or land on head, neck or stomach
  • Flip or attempt tricks
  • Go through or between the rungs
  • Stand up on the SkyLadder
  • Push, pull, spot or throw objects at someone on the SkyLadder
  • Land on head, neck, or stomach
  • Dive or pencil dive
  • Use the wall at the same time as another person
  • Jump from the top of the wall to the ground or platform
  • Linger in the runway or fall areas
  • Climb if a Team Member is not present
  • Land on your head or neck
  • Dive or pencil dive
  • Attempt flips or advanced aerial maneuvers
  • Hang upside down
  • Push, tackle, or engage in horseplay of any kind
  • Attempt any skill or activity outside of your own personal limitations, abilities or skill level.
  • Make contact with other guests or staff
  • Climb or make contact with any part of the support structure
  • Participate in the Toddler Foam Zone if you are more than 5 years old. Only Group A may play in this area.
  • Land on your head or neck
  • Dive or pencil dive
  • Jump into the Toddler Foam Zone until the landing area is clear
  • Do any flips
  • Play in this area if a Team Member is not present

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