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Battle Royale Tournament at Sky Zone Toronto In Toronto, ON

June 21st 6pm - 10pm

$35.00 Expires 2019-06-21

Play to Win
Our biggest prize ever

Every man for themselves! (ages 6+)

Battle Royale Tournament on Friday, June 21 6pm - 10pm

Registration begins at 5:30pm. Players will play in the order that they register.

Tickets are $35 for entry in the tournament and a 4-hour jump pass with full access to all attractions.

GLOW will be taking place from 7 - 9pm. Clothing that illuminates under black light is required (a white t-shirt is great).

Biggest prize we've ever offered --> TOP PRIZE is 10% of the pot (ticket sales)


   Round 1 - Each player will get a 5-minute practice game and 2 solo tournament matches. This portion will run from 6pm - 8:30pm depending on how many players are participating. There will be 6 players playing at a time. Points are earned for each elimination - 1 point per elimination and 5 points for each Victory Royale.
   Round 2 - Only the top 8 from round 1 will move on to the next round and all others will be eliminated from the tournament. Each player will get another 5-minute practice game and 2 solo tournament matches.
  Winners will be awarded their prizes.

We are using both PS4 and x-box consoles. Feel free to bring your own controllers, headsets, keyboard or mouse.

See below for FAQs

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Battle Royale Tournament at Sky Zone Toronto