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30-Day Frequent Flyer Pass In Whitby, ON

Jump More, Save More with our 30-Day Pass

Love jumping at Sky Zone?

Get our 30-day Frequent Flyer Pass and jump for 30 days straight!
The pass gives you one 60-minute jump per day for 30 days. The more you jump, the more you save!

Too hot outside? Go to Sky Zone
Too rainy outside? Go to Sky Zone
Need some exercise? Go to Sky Zone

Get the idea?

30-DAY PASS - $49.99 +tax
Upgrade your 60-minute jump to GLOW on Friday or Saturday nights for only $5! You can also upgrade your 60-minute jump to a 90-minute jump for $5 each visit.

Supersize your pass:
Make it a 90-minute jump - $10
Get into GLOW for no charge during your 30-day window - $10

Supersized pass holders get 10% off at Fuel Zone.

Just walk in to get your jump time (subject to availability).

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30-Day Frequent Flyer Pass