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Become a Sky Zone Member today and receive special discounts, swag, and access to member-only events. Monthly memberships start at $19.99.


$19.99 / Month

  • 90 min jump each day
  • $1 Fountain Drink


$24.99 / Month

  • 120 min jump each day
  • 1 GLOW/Toddler Time per month
  • $1 Fountain Drink


$39.99 / Month

  • ALL DAY jump each day
  • Unlimited GLOW/Toddler Time each month
  • Free Fountain Drinks and Fuel Zone discounts

Memberships Details

  • We'd be so sorry to see you go. You may cancel any time after fulfilling your minimum membership term, as you signed up for on your membership agreement. Cancellations may only be done in park by signing the cancellation form.
  • At this time, our software cannot change payment forms. We will need to cancel the existing membership and re-sell a new one. There is no fee for this change.
  • Your membership is specific to the Sky Zone you sign up at. After you meet your minimum commitment, you may cancel your existing membership and sign up for a new membership at the location of your choosing.
  • Each individual needs his/her own membership. Memberships may not be shared or transferred.
  • You're a VIP! You can use your membership every day the park is open! Check the website calendar for up-to-date hours!
  • A parent add-on Membership can be applied to a Basic, Elite or Elite+ Membership so that a legal guardian can enjoy all the same benefits as their child.
  • The first month is paid for in Sky Zone when you sign up. Then your card is charged that same day each month. If the months proceeding the membership do not have that day, your card will be charged on the last day of those months. For example, if you sign up on the 31st, and the next month has 30 days, your card will be charged on the 30th of the next month.