group of kids playing fusion ultimate dodgeball

Homeschool Hop In Charleston, WV

Gym Class Just Got A Whole Lot Better!

FALL 2021

[$14] 60 Minutes | [$16] 90 Minutes] || Toddler Tag-Along Special Rates

Enjoy getting PE credit a whole new kinda way!!!
@ Sky Zone!!

Homeschool students can Join Sky Zone and fellow homeschoolers from all over the state for a fun filled, action packed day! Toddler Tag-Alongs receive a special discounted rate as we look forward to these future homeschoolers!

Holidays, Public School Breaks & Closings excluded
(subject to schedule change*)

TODDLER TAG ALONG (up to age 5)
[$7] 60 Minutes | [$9] 90 Minutes]
Purchased In Park

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