female teen ready to shoot her laser gun

Laser Tag In Charleston, WV

[$9] 1 Mission || [$15] 2 Missions || [$21] 3 Missions

Let The Battle Begin!!

Sky Zone has teamed up with industry leaders for its most immersive and interactive attraction yet!  

Come experience this exhilarating game that allows players to escape reality and enter the fantasy world inside the laser tag arena. The arena is complete with larger-than-life props, detailed murals, lighting, vibrant colors, music and fog effect that will create an immersive experience that completely surrounds you. You're gonna love the fast paced, competitive action that allows you to escape reality and battle in a different world. A memorable experience you won't soon forget!!!!

Laser Tag is perfect to battle it out!! Church or Youth Groups, Corporate Events, Team Building, School Field Trips and for sure, BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!

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Laser Tag

  • Laser Tag will be offered during public park hours as follows:

    1PM - 8PM - Sunday
    12PM - 8PM - Mon-Thurs
    12PM - 10PM - Fri-Sat

    * Limited hours during school year.
  • One game will last approximately 18-20 minutes which includes a safety briefing, game play instructions, as well as vesting and de-vesting.
    • No Running
    • No Climbing
    • No Crawling
    • No Profanity
    • Keep It Friendly
    • No Blocking Vest Sensors
    • Minimum 5 Feet Between Players
    • Two Hands on Phaser Guns at All Times
    • No Food, Drinks, Gum or Cell Phone Usage in Arena
  • The benefits of playing laser tag are numerous!!!

    • GET FIT!
    • Develop better hand-eye coordination
    • Develop strategical thinking skills
    • Develop social skills
    • Learn to be a team member
  • Single games can be purchased online. Discounted Add-On games for same day are available in park only! Must present original receipt to receive discounted add-on games.
  • Sky Zone Laser Tag offers learning through lasers, lights and sound!! This is a fun add-on feature to our already exciting laser tag games!

    SCHOOLS: Looking for a unique and interactive educational activity for your next field trip. Laser Tag can be an add-on activity to your field trip but why not make it educational too! We offer S.T.E.M. based learning through lasers, lights and sound.

    CHURCH GROUPS: Test your crew’s Bible knowledge by letting us help you create an individualized knowledge-based game of laser tag. Tag the correct answers and earn points for your team.... but beware, lose points for tagging the wrong answers!!


    *Limited to 24 players per game.