Due to a private event, our first Freestyle Jump time today (1/18) will not be until 11am!
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Ultimate Dodgeball In Chesterfield, MO

Your favorite sport in gym class
Made Ultimate

Sky Zone is the original indoor trampoline park, but we've also invented trampoline dodgeball. Ultimate Dodgeball is not the game you remember from grade school. Trampoline dodgeball takes the game and launches it into the air. At Sky Zone Chesterfield, you can jump three times as high, bounce, flip, and dodge your way to victory. Anybody can play. Work together with your teammates to target the other team and avoid elimination. Our trampoline arenas provide the cushion for you to make those diving catches or leaping dodges without worrying about landing on concrete.

Trampoline dodgeball is a fast-paced, exciting, and entertaining take on the classic pastime, and it's one amazing workout. Try it today at our Chesterfield, MO location!

Ultimate Dodgeball