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Skyience Field Trip In Chesterfield, MO

SKYience offers a unique atmosphere to explore Newton’s Laws of Motion. Designed for late elementary to middle school students, SKYience allows participants to use their background knowledge of the Properties and Principles of Force and Motion to devise testable questions, collect and record data, analyze graphs, and draw conclusions.

Students will be engaged in real-world examples of Force, Motion, and Newton’s Three Laws. By combining trampolines and learning, students will have a learning experience they will never forget!

There are three parts to the SKYience field trip:
  • Part 1: Classroom Pre-Work (45 minutes)
  • Part 2: SKYience Activity at Sky Zone (90 minutes)
  • Part 3: Jump Time (60 minutes)

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Monday - Friday | Reservation Required

$15 per Student (SkySocks included)

Skyience Field Trip

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