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Preparing for your party day is an easy and seamless experience at Sky Zone! Here's all you need to know before the big day!

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Party Planning

Find all your to-do's and party-planning reminders right in one place

Send Out Your Invitation

Create and download a custom invitation and send to your guest list. You print the invite, attach it to an email, or upload to a Facebook event. The options are endless! 
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Sky Zone Clermont Liability Waiver Completion

To speed up check in, please have all of your guests have a waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian on our website within 10 days of the party.

Your Party

What to expect from the day you book to your party day schedule


Check-In begins 30 minutes before the scheduled jump time. Here we will provide all of the party guests with their jump stickers and SkySocks, and we will take all of the shoes, presents, cake, and other items off of your hands!

Jump Time!

For 1 hour the party guests will have access to all of our attractions to enjoy Sky Zone to the fullest!
Our facility includes a FreeStyle Court, 2 Dodgeball Courts, FreeClimb Rock Climbing, Foam Zone, Warped Walls, 3 Lane SkySlam Court, and a 3 Lane Warrior Course!
(Please note that dodgeball courts are rotated by age/size and may be subject to private rentals)

Party Room!

Following the 1 Hour of Jump Time, all guests will be invited into a private party room for a 1 hour birthday celebration! This time in the party room will include the food of choice, unlimited soft drinks, and a private party host to take care of all the work for you!
birthday boy getting served cake

What to


  • The Kids!
  • The Cake!

Don't Bring

  • SkySocks - We will have a fresh pair here waiting for all jumpers!
  • Outside Food or Drink (exception - cake/cupcakes) - We have you covered!

Park Specific


  • We do have a 10-jumper minimum - don't stress though, we aren't cancelling the party! This just means that a minimum of 10 jumpers need to be paid for when we host a birthday party. Fortunately, any extra jump stickers can be provided to other party guests and parents!

    If you book for 15 children and only 9 show up, you will only be charged for the 10 jumper minimum, and you would have 1 extra jump sticker to provide to another party guest or parent. This is why we take the final payment upon check-out of the party so we can make sure that everything is accurate on your total! The same goes for if you book for 12 and 14 show up, we aren't turning anyone away, we will gladly add those jumpers on!
  • If you would like, you are welcome to turn in a list upon check-in of RSVP guests that are permitted to check-in to your party. This way our party hosts and events coordinators will know if someone is checking in that may not have been included in the RSVP count and they can ask the party parent's before proceeding with check-in.
  • Absolutely! To keep our party room times on schedule so that someone else can enjoy that space as well, we add extra jump time in 30 minute increments before the original jump time. An example of this would be, if your birthday party jump time starts at 12pm, we would extend the jump time to start 30 minutes earlier at 11:30am, so that the party room time would remain the same. It's also best for children to get all the bouncing and physical activities out of the way BEFORE the food, cake, and unlimited soft drinks.