Male with gray shirt about to dunk a basket on SkySlam court

SkySlam In Colorado Springs, CO

Dunk Like The Pros

Ever wished you were taller or could jump higher? Just imagine the things you could do if you were. You could reach the top shelf in the kitchen without a chair. You could see over people’s heads at a parade. You could even slam dunk a basketball. Well, it turns out that you can do at least one of those things at Sky Zone in Colorado Springs.

Our SkySlam trampoline basketball experience helps you get enough air to reach the rim and dunk! Grab your friends to visit Sky Zone Colorado Springs to shoot some hoops and show off your slams. Our rims of different heights accommodates for all ages and sizes.


  • Dunk like a pro with trampoline launch pads that bounce you ten feet in the air. You don’t need to be in the NBA to love SkySlam. Work your dunk swag in front of all your friends.