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10200 SW 186th St
Cutler Bay, FL 33157
(305) 640-5424
3:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Cutler Bay

What is Sky Zone All About

We’re always working to invent epic new ways to play, gather, and compete. Even though we’re the originators of wall-to-wall aerial action, we never stand still. The only way to understand it is to come experience it. So rally your crew and let’s go!

Sky Zone is designed for everyone, and we want to make sure you fly safe. We ask that you become familiar with and abide by the rules below. Remember, stay in your comfort zone! DO NOT ATTEMPT any activity, flip, jump or trick you don’t think you can handle. Flips or other tricks can be dangerous … perform at your own risk. Sky Zone Team Members help ensure that rules and regulations are followed. Jumpers should not engage in court activities without a Zone Team Member present. Here are the rules to fly by:   

**Everyone that enters the Sky Zone court must have completed a valid and signed Sky Zone waiver. Those under 18 must have it signed/completed by their parent, legal guardian, or someone with power of attorney.**


Getting to the gym can be a challenge, but Sky Zone makes exercise a joy! Bouncing uses almost every muscle and focuses specifically on the stomach, arms and legs. Start toning your muscles, burning fat and increasing your metabolism by having fun!
To promote cardiovascular health, young people need at least one and a half hours of intense physical activity per day. (School of Sports Science; Oslo, Norway)

Regular bouncing helps tone the body, especially the stomach, back, and legs. Core stability muscles are consistently engaged to help enhance balance. This type of training helps boost your metabolic rate and the ability to burn fat and calories.
Cutler Bay

About Our Park

  • We recommend ages 5 and older.
  • Unfortunately, we do not allow outside food or drink inside Sky Zone Parks. However, we have plenty of snacks and drinks for sale!
  • A reservation is for jumping only. Birthday parties get jump time, a private room, pizza, drinks as well as a private check in and much much more!
  • Our general rule is that waivers are typically kept on file for one year. You must have the specific waiver completed for the actual Sky Zone park you are visiting (a Sky Zone waiver at one park is not valid at a different park). But don’t worry, you can complete your waiver online before getting to the park. If you are under the age of 18, you parent or legal guardian must fill the waiver out for you, but does not have to be present when you visit the park.
  • Yes. Every jumper needs to complete a liability waiver at each Sky Zone location. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must fill the waiver out for you, but does not have to be present when you visit the park. Waivers can must be completed online
  • We accept walk-in customers during all open hours of operation (subject to availability). Reservations are HIGHLY recommended for a confirmed number of jumpers and time, but are not required.
  • Sky Zone has specially designed awesome SkySocks to enhance your jumping experience. SkySocks are available for purchase and may be reused on return visits.
  • At Sky Zone we keep it safe! For this reason, regardless of your relationship to the jumper, we separate by age/size to help avoid injuries that could result. Our team members reserve the right to move guests around to different courts or different sections of courts for safety. Our age groups are as follows: Group A: Ages 0-4 Group B: Ages 5-10 Group C: Ages 11-15 Group D: Ages 16+
  • 300 pounds
  • Yes, please keep in mind that Sky Zone can't be responsible for lost or stolen items - lockers are available for hire to secure your items while at the park.
  • Jump times are non-transferable: if you missed your jump time it cannot be changed.
  • You should arrive 30 minutes prior to your jump time to ensure timely check-in.

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