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5450 NW 82nd Ave
Doral, FL 33166
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3:00 PM to 10:00 PM


What is Sky Zone All About

We’re always working to invent epic new ways to play, gather, and compete. Even though we’re the originators of wall-to-wall aerial action, we never stand still. The only way to understand it is to come experience it. So rally your crew and let’s go!

Sky Zone is designed for everyone, and we want to make sure you fly safe. We ask that you become familiar with and abide by the rules below. Remember, stay in your comfort zone! DO NOT ATTEMPT any activity, flip, jump or trick you don’t think you can handle. Flips or other tricks can be dangerous … perform at your own risk. Sky Zone Team Members help ensure that rules and regulations are followed. Jumpers should not engage in court activities without a Zone Team Member present. Here are the rules to fly by:   

**Everyone that enters the Sky Zone court must have completed a valid and signed Sky Zone waiver. Those under 18 must have it signed/completed by their parent, legal guardian, or someone with power of attorney.**

  • remove street shoes / wear SkySocks.
  • empty your pockets entirely. 
  • maintain one person per square. 
  • walk onto and off the courts. 
  • be in control of your body at all times. 
  • perform at your own risk. Flips and other tricks can be dangerous. 
  • be aware of those around you and jump with people that are of similar age/size. 
  • master the fundamentals of single trampoline jumping before moving onto more advanced skills, such as aerial or flipping type skills. 
  • land on the first trampoline next to the trampoline wall you bounced off of, when bouncing and flipping off trampoline side walls. 
  • follow all park rules and the Court Monitor’s instructions.
  • land on your head or neck. 
  • wear wet clothes or body paint.  
  • have anything in your mouth (gum, candy, etc.). 
  • touch any perimeter netting or top pads. 
  • throw balls at another jumper’s head or neck area.
  • do more than two single flips in a row. 
  • double flip, and do not flip over the pads. Single flips are permitted. 
  • double bounce or affect another jumper’s bounce in any way. 
  • push, tackle, run on flat surfaces, race, or engage in horseplay of any kind. 
  • sit or lie on the court. If you are tired and need to rest, you must exit the court. 
  • attempt any skill or activity outside of your personal limitations, abilities or skill level. 
  • jump if you have health limitations, are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or if you are pregnant. 

Failure to adhere to any of these or other rules at Sky Zone can/will result in the loss of your jump time. Thank you for always following our safety guidelines. We want you to have fun and fly safe!  

Sky Zone Healthy is about being active because you are burning calories with every jump. It’s about experiencing the freedom of jumping, which actually helps get your body in better shape. Sky Zone Healthy is also that exhilarating feeling of accomplishment you get from just an hour of wall-to-wall fun. Burn up to 1,000 calories an hour just by jumping with us! Healthy and happy go together, and Sky Zone is here to keep you active, athletic and fit.


Getting to the gym can be a challenge, but Sky Zone makes exercise a joy! Bouncing uses almost every muscle and focuses specifically on the stomach, arms and legs. Start toning your muscles, burning fat and increasing your metabolism by having fun!
To promote cardiovascular health, young people need at least one and a half hours of intense physical activity per day. (School of Sports Science; Oslo, Norway)

Regular bouncing helps tone the body, especially the stomach, back, and legs. Core stability muscles are consistently engaged to help enhance balance. This type of training helps boost your metabolic rate and the ability to burn fat and calories.


Jumping against gravity strengthens all body systems and is considered one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises. Cardiovascular activity increases heart rate and pulse rate. In other words, jumping works the heart muscle! Jumping also strengthens major muscle groups that contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system.

As you come down on the trampoline, you put greater gravitational pull (G force) on your muscles. Heart muscle fibers get stronger as a result. That means all of your muscles and muscle layers will grow stronger, too. With each bounce, sixty trillion cells in your body are continuously being strengthened.

Because your heart is being strengthened, your blood circulation improves. Good circulation ensures that oxygen is pumped through your body more efficiently.
Low Impact WORKOUT FOR Bones and Joints
Jumping on a trampoline can increase bone density as well. According to research by NASA, bouncing can help reduce the risk of bone conditions such as fractures and osteoporosis. The light impact when landing on the trampoline helps strengthen bones and improve bone density. NASA found that bouncing was able to help rebuild astronauts' bone mass after returning from space, where they lose almost 15% muscle and bone mass.

Tests have linked bouncing with positive benefits for children with autism. The sheer fun and sense of well-being encourages vestibular system input, which controls movement and balance as well as awareness of body positioning. Bouncing also assists with motion feedback: how the body responds to movement through space and perception.

Jumping and balancing on a trampoline can help physical sensory integration with the body’s different systems. Getting family and friends involved provides a social benefit as well.
“If the lymphatic system is circulating properly, it is practically impossible to get sick,” says Dr. Samuel West. A noted lecturer and author, West has stated that bouncing is the best way to circulate the lymphatics.

The lymphatic system provides nutrients to cells and rids the body of waste. The lymphatic system is essentially the detoxification system of the body. The lymph’s main job is to carry away substances that cannot be removed by absorption directly into the blood.

When blood circulation is increased, the body releases energy and pumps more oxygen into the brain and other tissues. But unlike the circulatory system, the lymph system does not have a “heart” to pump itself around the body. It relies on gravity and body movement. So, bouncing on a trampoline stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps rid the body of toxins, trapped protein, bacteria, viruses, and other waste the cells cast off.

The G-Force at the top of the bounce is zero and the body becomes weightless for a fraction of a second. At the bottom of the bounce, the G-Force suddenly doubles over what is ordinary gravity on earth, and internal organs are put under pressure. Their cellular stimulation is increased accordingly so that waste materials within cells get squeezed out. The lymph carries the waste away to be disposed. The vertical use of acceleration, deceleration, and gravity provide ideal conditions for cleansing cells.

"Trampoline exercise is also good for your immune system, which helps keep your body's natural defenses high and reduces the chance of getting sick," says Dr. Morton Walker, in a published list of trampoline health benefits.
  • Lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Tones up your glandular system, especially your thyroid glands
  • Increases activity of your red bone marrow in producing red blood cells
  • Improves your digestion
  • Promotes better sleep


CONSULT A PHYSICIAN. With any change in exercise, please consult your physician before taking part in a new regimen. 



About Our Park

  • Sky Zone is a state of the art trampoline park and destination for active fun. Sky Zone offers a variety of activities. One can experience the weightlessness of bouncing, of flipping, and landing in a pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes. We have SkySlam basketball, Freestyle Jump, Trapeze, Swings, ZipLine, Warrior Course and Ultimate Dodgeball. We also offer events such as birthday parties, corporate outings, field trips, fundraisers, and so much more. Sky Zone is Healthy because it is about being active, you burn calories with every jump.
  • We recommend ages 3 and older.
  • No, we separate all jumpers by age and size for safety reasons.
  • If they are similar in age they may jump on the same section of the court. If they are not close in age and/or size they may not because we separate by age for safety reasons.
  • We have limited capacity at the park. While walk-ins are welcome, we strongly recommend purchasing tickets online. This is the only way that you can guarantee the jump time you desire. We are unable to process orders over the phone.
  • We sell gift cards at the location front desk. They maybe purchased for any denomination you desire.
  • All online sales are final. Online ticket purchases cannot be refunded or exchanged for different times.
  • All purchases require a valid waiver for each participant (under 18 must have waiver signed by their parent.
  • You should arrive 30 minutes prior to your jump time to ensure timely check-in.
  • Jump times are non-transferable: if you missed your jump time it cannot be changed.
  • Sky Zone has specially designed awesome SkySocks to enhance your jumping experience. You can bring your own pre-used SkySocks or purchase a new pair for only $3. SkySocks are required for all jumpers.
  • You may purchase your online tickets up to 90 days in advance.
  • You may not bring in any outside food, cakes or drink.
  • Every jumper must have a valid waiver on file. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must fill out the waiver for you, but does not have to be present when you visit the park.
  • Waivers are valid for one year.
  • Yes, 300 pounds.
  • Yes, but please keep in mind that Sky Zone cannot be responsible for lost or damaged phones.
  • Discounted jump time on Friday and Saturday Nights from 10pm - 12am. All ages are welcome.
  • The best time to jump is typically Monday thru Thursday during the school year, but we can never guarantee a jump time. The only way to guarantee the jump time your desire is to purchase your tickets online.
  • Yes, from any of the court entrances.
  • Only the participants jumping must purchase jump tickets.

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