male with white shirt throwing red dodgeball midair

Ultimate Dodgeball In Doral, FL

Your favorite sport in gym class
Made Ultimate

Remember playing dodgeball as a kid? If you'd like to recapture all the fun you had back then, head on over to Sky Zone in Doral, FL for a game of dodgeball like you've never played before. You'll fly through the sky on our wall-to-wall trampolines as you try to eliminate your opponents.

Trampolines allow you to really up your dodgeball game. Whether you're the one throwing the ball or fending off pitches from your opponents, our trampolines will allow you to soar to heights you never thought possible to evade the ball. This is dodgeball taken to the next level!

What are you waiting for? Gather up a group of your friends or bring your family down to Sky Zone Doral and challenge them to a sky high fun game of dodgeball. This is a thrilling experience you won't soon forget!

Ultimate Dodgeball

  • Combine regular dodgeball with Sky Zone’s patented wall-to-wall trampolines and get the world’s most awesome sport: Ultimate Dodgeball. You can only find Ultimate Dodgeball at Sky Zone, and pick-up games are held daily (when courts are available). Think you’re good? Grab your friends, form a team and prove it at our Ultimate Dodgeball Tournament!