two toddler playing with foam cubes during toddler time

Little Leapers In Doral, FL

Sundays 10 AM - 12 PM

10 AM - 12 PM


Little Leapers
$10 for 2 hours of active fun

Sunday mornings 10 AM to Noon

$10 for 2 hours of active fun

Toddlers LOVE freedom, which is where our Little Leaper program comes in. It's a special program run outside of our normal park hours. During normal operating hours we separate jumpers by age, so toddlers are restricted to certain areas of the park to keep them safe from other jumpers. (which can be challenging at times due to their innocent desire to want to run free) However our Little Leaper program offers the little ones free run of all open courts in the park, as we only allow guests 5 and under to jump. 

Toddler Time at Sky Zone is a special time, just for the little ones, where they can explore exciting new ways to be active, all while staying safe. All Toddler Time activities are specifically designed for children. Little Leaper is perfect for the little ones to play, jump, and bounce at Sky Zone with kids their own age and size. 

Only $10 for each toddler! Sky Socks are not included and may be purchased at the Front Desk.

We of course encourage Mommy or Daddy participation, however there is no jumping or bouncing allowed during toddler time by anyone over the age of 5. Your little ones will thank you afterward with a long nap.

Must be 5 years old or less. One parent can assist for free. All toddlers and parents must wear Sky Socks. For safety reasons, no one over the age of 5 is allowed to jump or bounce during Little Leapers.


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