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Preparing for your party day is an easy and seamless experience at Sky Zone! Here's all you need to know before the big day!

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Party Planning

Find all your to-do's and party-planning reminders right in one place

Send Out Your Invitations

Due 10 Days Before Party

Create a custom digital invitation and download to send to your invitees! Be sure to include the check-in time for your Guests. Digital Invitations can be printed at home or saved as a PDF document to be shared with friends and family as an email attachment. Printed invitations are also included with your party package and available for pick-up at the park!

Complete your Liability Waiver(s)

Due 3 Days Before Party

Make sure that you have completed a waiver for your child or children and remind all guests of the party that jumpers must have a completed waiver by their own parent/legal guardian. Make sure the waivers are completed before your party date to ensure a quick and smooth party check-in.

Submit your Guest List

Due 4 Days Before Party

Email a list with the first & last name of each jumper you are expecting at your party to so our event team can notify you of who still needs a valid waiver & to speed up your check-in time!

Your Party

What to expect from the day you book to your party day schedule

Confirmation Call

A representative from our Event Team will give you a call the week of your event to review final details. This will be your opportunity to add on extra jumpers, more food, and party favors for your guests!

Early Arrival

Party parents, the Guest of Honor, and other Party Guests should arrive 15-20 prior to jump time to check-in. When you arrive at Sky Zone, head to the Event Check-In desk to meet your party team!

Before Jump Time

Guests will receive SkySocks and jump stickers to put on and will hang out at the bleacher area while they wait for jump time to start.

Time to Jump!

When it’s time to jump, your Party Host will review safety reminders before leading party Guests to the courts and attractions to play. The Party Host will remain with the party Guests during jump time. He/She will check-in with you periodically, and will let you know next steps before separating from the group to set-up the party room. Please note you will not have access to your party room during your jump time.

Party Room Time!

When jump time is over, your Party Host will lead the party to the room to celebrate the Guest of Honor and serve pizza, drinks and cake!

Please note: We do not allow any banners to be stuck to party room walls. Please request a room with glass windows for hanging banners. We also do not allow any confetti in the party room. If your party creates excessive mess in the room, you may be charged an additional cleaning fee of up to $100. If you party damages any room decor, you may be charged additional fees to repair the damage.

What to


  • Guests
  • Decorations
  • Cash to tip your event host (optional)
  • Camera

Don't Bring

  • Outside pizzas or drinks
  • Confetti
  • Piñata


Park Specific


To receive a full refund on your deposit, your party must be canceled at least 14 days prior to the event date.


If you wish to downgrade your party package, you must call prior to 2 days prior to your event date.


Since upgrading is not guaranteed, we encourage you to book for the larger package initially. Upgrades will be granted on a first come- first serve basis per availability.

Final Balance

The final balance of your party will be collected on the day of your event at the park. For your security purposes, if using a credit card to pay, you will be asking to present ID.

Note: If your party creates excessive mess in the room, your credit card on file will be charged an additional cleaning fee of up to $100. If you party damages any room decor, your credit card on file will be charged additional fees to repair the damage.


Dodgeball is not guaranteed for all parties, unless a private court package is booked (Ultimate Air or Platinum Package). Size separation is still enforced on private dodgeball courts.

Age / Size Separation

Jumpers of different age/size groups will be asked to jump in different areas or sections of the court. On dodgeball, if jumpers are in two different size groups, games will be rotated. We cannot guarantee that all Guests in your party will be able to play dodgeball at the same time.

Additional Jumpers

Additional jumpers must be added at least 2 days prior to your event to guarantee that we will have enough capacity.

Additional Pizza

Additional pizzas need to be added on 2 days prior to your event date to guarantee they will be available at your room time.

Parents & Spectators

We encourage all ages to join the fun! If you would just like to watch, you will have free admission to the platforms and viewing areas.

Late Arrivals

Should you or your guests arrive late, we will not be able to grant additional jump time or party room time.

Early Arrivals

Our team members will be ready to assist you at your designated check-in time (20 minutes prior to jump time), early arrivals are not guaranteed immediate assistance due to the scheduling of prior parties.


Jumpers with casts, splints, or sharp/hard objects will not be allowed to enter the playing field for the safety of all jumpers.


You can reschedule your party one time without penalty by calling your Event Team. Additional $50 rescheduling fee will apply if you reschedule your party more than once.

Room Capacity

Your party is pre-assigned a room based on number of jumpers. You have an option to upgrade your room with an additional fee.

Control Tower(20+ jumper parties)
Our biggest private room with 4 large picnic tables that can seat up to 32 Guests, plus plenty of standing room! The room features 4 large windows offering panoramic views of the park. Bring your device / computer and show off your pictures/videos/presentations on Television.

Sky Box (15+ jumper parties)
Private room with 3 large picnic tables that can seat up to 24 Guests, plus some standing room! The room features 2 large windows offer panoramic views of open jump and sky slam areas. Bring your device / computer and show off your pictures/videos/presentations on our premium large screen Sony HDTV.

Sky Zone (up to 15 jumper parties)
Private room with 2 large picnic tables that can seat up to 16 Guests, some standing room. Bring your device / computer and show off your pictures/videos/presentations on our premium large screen Sony HDTV.

Mezzanine (30+ jumper parties)
Over 3000 Sq Ft of event space including Sky Box and Control Tower rooms and an open lounge area with Samsung curved HDTV. The mezzanine rental is a perfect way to host a large group event at Sky zone that will allow plenty of entertainment options for both jumpers and non-jumpers. The mezzanine offers 360 degree views of the park including trampolines and perfect place to hold a private buffet lunch/dinner event. Mezzanine rental is available with or without the party rooms. 


  • Please refer to our FAQ here.