boy running across trampoline court during toddler time

Parent's Night Out In El Paso East, TX

The perfect break for parents

6pm - 9pm (Fri & Sat)

$30 PER CHILD [includes 3 hours] // $10/OFF for each additional child

Date Night for Parents \\ Fun Night for the Kids
Best 3 hours for the kids; Best 3 hours for the parents!

The kids stay for a 3 hour window between the first drop off time and the final pickup time. Each admission includes up to 3 hours of time plus the child will receive a drink and slice of pizza while they are having fun. All drop-off and pick-up is administered by drivers license. Snack for the child is provided during the stay (details below). Discount is applied for each additional child.

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Parent's Night Out

  • 3 Hours Open Jump | A snack | Concessions Pizza Slice (x 2) | Bottled Water
  • 5 years to 12 years, with the ability to use restroom facilities and communicate needs to staff members clearly.
  • All parents will be required to show identification when signing in their child upon arrival. A maximum of 1 additional adult may be added to the sign-in list at that time who is able to pick the child up later in the evening. All parents must provide a cell phone number which they can be contact at. Identification will be verified when you arrive to pick up your child.

    While jumping the child will wear a special wrist band identifying them to all staff as well as a jersey bib.