Sky Zone Lock-In Friday, October 19th. 11pm to 6am. --|-- EARLY BIRD PRICING $39.99
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Sky Zone Lock-In October 19th In Fargo, ND


On October 19th, Sky Zone Fargo will be hosting another lock-in event! It's an all-night party with jumping, Fortnite, dodge ball, and much more! What is much more? Well let's give you the run down. We will be having lots of games and activities all night long. Challenges for our jumpers, tournaments (dodge ball, Fortnite and more,) Virtual reality, Places to hang out and relax or rest if needed. Food and drinks available all night. Private Room for Girls. Security Guard and Adult Supervision throughout. Camera Feed of the event so parents can check in.

The event runs from 11:00 Friday night to 6:00 Saturday morning. Check in Starts at 11pm and runs until midnight.

Space is limited, so purchase tickets today! Early Bird Pricing of $39.99 starting now.

11pm to 6am

$39.99 Expires 2018-10-19