Team Member / Flight Crew

Team Member / Flight Crew

Part Time Team Member / Flight Crew Main duties include:
Maintaining a safe environment
Providing a pleasant experience
Maintaining a clean environment

The job duties of every team member or flight crew employee include the following at different levels depending on seniority, skills and training.

On-the-job training: Both new hires and veteran flight crew members should be constantly reminded about and trained on safety and customer-service policies. Often, staff members zone out during long shifts and lose focus; it’s important to stay involved and correct mistakes daily. Based on your skills and training you may help with training others!

Cash-control measures: Since you maybe responsible for opening and closing the park, employees must be able to handle large amounts of money. You are required to cash in tills, cash out tills, create deposits, and be aware of basic cash-handling procedures. Employees must recognize patterns that may appear in overages/shortages on specific tills to avoid theft and poor cash-handling measures.

Responding to all injuries/incidents: All employees should respond quickly after an accident has occurred in order to accurately complete incident reports. Employees should always involve the manager on duty who will have basic training in first-aid procedures so that they can clean small open wounds, apply bandages, and provide ice. It’s imperative that employees remain with severely injured guests until EMTs arrive or the guest leaves the park.

Completing incident reports: Any incident or injury that occurs at the park should have an incident report as a reference in the event that the injured patron takes any legal action. It’s important to complete these incident reports immediately so that memories are fresh and no information is lost. Reports must be clear, fact-based, and detailed for easy reference.

Birthday party/event preparation: Typically there will be one employee in charge of party coordinating. Employees should be trained to prepare various items before groups arrive so that the check-in process is organized and quick. All employees may be asked to help.

Staff duty delegation: Although shift leads are responsible for running the park when managers are not present, all employees should help do their part. You will be given different tasks to ensure efficiency and smooth operation. These tasks are prioritized based on the company’s main pillars. The importance of safety and customer service at all times. This means the different park stations should always have 100% accountability; customers should be helped in a timely manner at the front desk; all policies should be enforced; and the park environment should be clean, fun, and presentable.

Opening/closing the park: Once trained, all employees may help or be in charge of opening/closing periods. All employees will ensure that the park is ready for operation by checking cleanliness, equipment operation, cash levels, and daily staff assignments.

Inventory management: Wristbands, socks, T-shirts, cleaning supplies, and party supplies should be accounted for weekly to ensure that stock levels are adequate for the expected park traffic.
Conflict resolution: When a customer is upset for any reason, staff members should immediately ask for a shift lead to get involved. Shift leads should interact with upset customers appropriately to resolve any issues onsite. If a problem cannot be resolved onsite, shift leads can then provide customers with non-personal contact information to reach store managers.

Completing maintenance checks: Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance checklists should be completed by a designated team member who is knowledgeable regarding each of the park’s attractions. These tasks will be monitored to ensure that all checks are completed in a thorough, timely manner.
Again - ALL employees will:

Maintaining a safe environment: The primary responsibility of a team member is to maintain a safe environment. Team members are required to know and enforce all park safety rules. Team members must remain engaged and focused, particularly while supervising the arena.

Providing a pleasant experience: Team members are expected to always treat park guests with respect and to exhibit exceptional customer service to help all guests have a pleasant, positive experience. If a guest seems upset for any reason, team members should immediately ask for a shift lead to get involved.

Maintaining a clean environment: Team members are responsible for maintaining a clean park environment by completing assigned daily and weekly janitorial duties.