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Sky Zone Fredericksburg is dedicated to giving back to our community. Host your next fundraiser with us by purchasing or borrowing discounted tickets & selling them for any amount up to the retail cost! Friends, family, religious organizations, troops, and teams will love our different Sky Zone attractions. Give your group or organization the boost it deserves while providing healthy & active fun! Simply click the "Fundraiser Inquiry Form," located under the Additional Links section, or call to inquire! (540) 329-6442
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Sky Zone Foam Zone court

Incentive Add-On

Groups/Organizations that have children, and/or members selling tickets to family, friends, acquaintances, or community residents will have the option to incentivize their fundraising campaign! Incentivized fundraising campaigns will encourage sellers to give it their best shot in order to obtain wicked awesome prizes!

  • Individuals will receive prizes as based off of their individual ticket sales
  • Individuals will receive prizes associated with the highest tier reached & all tiers below that tier
  • Individuals may NOT combine sales to redeem prizes at higher tiers

Incentivized Fundraising Prize Structure
  • 1 Ticket Sold:Wrist Band
  • 5 Tickets Sold: Free 60 Minute Freestyle Jump Pass
  • 10 Tickets Sold: Sky Zone T-Shirt
  • 25 Tickets Sold: Sky Gear Pack
  • 50 Tickets Sold: Annual Pass - 1 Jumper
  • 75 Tickets Sold: Annual Family Pass - 3 Jumpers
  • 100 Tickets Sold: Free Lift-Off Package - Includes up to 10 Jumpers
  • 150 Tickets Sold: Nintendo Switch

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