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10 Conchester Rd
Glen Mills, PA 19342
(484) 418-1500
8:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Glen Mills

We're always working to invent epic new ways to play, gather, and compete. Even though we're the originators of wall-to-wall aerial action, we never stand still. We are sky lovers, thrill seekers, and people who believe that jumping is freedom. We are healthy and bursting with energy. We fly high and keep it safe. The only way to understand it is to come experience it. So rally your crew and let's go!

Parties and Events:
From birthday parties to corporate team building, we will make you day soar.
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Charitable Donations:
Sky Zone Glen Mills is proud to support many charitable organizations and causes within the community. Whether you want prizes to raffle or auction or host a fundraiser to earn money for a cause SZ has you covered!
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Glen Mills

About Our Park

  • We don't have an age limit, but we do require all jumpers to jump completely independently/unassisted and be able to follow simple instructions. We recommend anyone under the age of 5 to come jump with us during Toddler Time or during our slower time such as weekdays or weekend mornings.
  • Our weight limit is 300 lbs.
  • Jumpers must be 13 or older to participate in a SkyFit class.
  • We do accept walk-ins when we have available jump tickets However, we are a capacity based facility, so we recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance to guarantee your jump time, especially Friday through Sunday or on school holidays.
  • No. The only way to reserve a ticket is by purchasing it. We cannot hold tickets without payment.
  • A Freestyle Jump ticket gives you access to all areas. Dodgeball is the only activity that is not guaranteed. A dodgeball court must be available and there needs to be enough players in the same age group to set up a dodgeball game.
  • Only those jumping are required to pay for tickets. If you are not jumping, then you do not need to purchase a ticket. All guests in the park are required to have a valid waiver on file. Fill out your waiver here
  • Just like any physical activity, there is potential for injury. Unfortunately, we cannot eliminate this, but we can minimize it with our rules that balance safety and fun. Due to this commitment, less than 1% of participants have experienced an injury. The majority of injuries are minor (twist, sprain, bloody nose) in nature and most occur when the rules are broken or the participants attempt moves outside of their physical ability.
  • We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to help ensure a safe experience at SZ. Our courts are always supervised by trained court monitors, stationed to implement key rules whenever necessary. We have court rules that are reviewed with all jumpers every time they come to jump with us. We also enforce age and size separation policy so that our younger jumpers are not jumping next to our larger and older jumpers.
  • We do not permit any outside food or beverage, but we do have the Fuel Zone concession stand where food and drinks are available.
  • Waivers stay on file for 365 days. However, the waiver must be filled out for our specific location. If a minor is 17, the waiver expires on the day of his/her 18th birthday. The guest will need to fill out a new waiver at that time.
  • Yes, every jumper needs to fill out a liability waiver from the Sky Zone location where they are jumping before they are allowed to purchase tickets and jump. If you are under the age of 18 a parent or legal guardian must fill out the waiver for you. They can fill it out in advance online or in the park before they purchase jump time.
  • As long as the child has a valid waiver on file, the parent does not have to be present when the child visits SZ.
  • We only have an electronic waiver. You can either fill our the waiver online or you can use the waiver kiosks available in the park. Versions that are printed at another SZ are NOT VALID for our location.
  • If we are sold out online, we are sold out in the park. We do not hold tickets for our walk-in guests.
  • Since we are a capacity based facility we do sell out. Unfortunately, we would not be able to sell the child a ticket if we are at capacity. Occasionally, tickets become available due to parties changing their head count, so you may continue to check the website to see if we have any openings.
  • Because our tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, cancellations are rare. However, some parties do change their headcount or reschedule, which can make more tickets available for purchase, but this does not happen often.
  • We cannot complete the ticket purchase with you over the phone. However, you may purchase your tickets through a smart phone or by coming in to our park and reserving for a future date/time.
  • Just write down your order number or show the cashier your email confirmation when you are checking in and they can look it up for you.
  • Groupon and Local Flavor purchases are walk-in only. The only way to reserve your jump time in advance is to go into the with your Groupon or Local Flavor certificate. You can present your certificate and schedule a jump time.
  • Groupons and Local Flavors can not be split. The entire value must be used in one visit.
  • We do require everyone to wear Sky Socks and be dressed appropriately in order to jump with us. We do not have a specific dress code, but we do recommend dressing comfortably. Trampolines can be torn, therefore no sharp objects are allowed on the trampolines as clothing and/or accessories. This includes and is not limited to belts, earrings, rings, etc.
  • Yes, we require all jumpers to wear Sky Socks. Sky Socks are $3 plus tax and are yours to keep and reuse, provided they are clean and the grips are intact. We cannot accept socks purchased at a non-Sky Zone location, however we will trade in your non-Sky Zone socks for a free pair of Sky Socks.
  • We do have lockers available to rent. The lockers must be paid for using quarters. Small lockers are 50 cents, medium lockers are 75 cents, and large lockers are $1. The lockers are not timed, but you will be charged for each time you open the locker.
  • Motion-limiting devices are not allowed. This includes ALL types of casts, braces, splints, slings, crutches, etc. The devices prevent the body from moving as it normally would increases the risk of injury to both the jumper and surrounding memberships. The only exception to this rule is a jumper with a prosthetic limb as the prosthetic limb is part that person's routine functioning.
  • The terms and conditions of Group On and Local Flavors clearly state that these items may only be used for Freestyle Jump, and no other programs. Your purchase cannot be applied to any purchase except for Freestyle Jump.
  • Masks are not required to be worn indoors. However, they are recommended for the health and safety of all guests and Team Members to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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