Male with gray shirt about to dunk a basket on SkySlam court

SkySlam In Glen Mills, PA

Dunk Like The Pros

SkySlam at Sky Zone trampoline park in Glen Mills offers a whole new take on basketball. Here, you can soar to all new heights and dunk like the pros! All the while, you’ll get an intense workout that’s designed to release toxins, burn fat, and energize your body.

SkySlam combines the fast-paced action of basketball with all the high-flying, thrill-inducing excitement of a trampoline! What could be more fun than defying the laws of gravity as you perfect your shot? Our rims of various heights accommodates for guests of all ages and sizes.

Bring your friends and family to Sky Zone Glen Mills for a day of dunks and layups.


  • Dunk like a pro with trampoline launch pads that bounce you ten feet in the air. You don’t need to be in the NBA to love SkySlam. Work your dunk swag in front of all your friends and watch the crowd go crazy!