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College Care Packages
The Smith Family Foundation

Sky Zone Hamilton is a donation point for the Smith Family Foundation's College Care Packages Giveaway. The Smith Family Foundation's College Care Packages Giveaway is a nonperishable essentials annual giveaway for first-year students. The care package items offset college living expenses and encourage students to stay motivated to achieve academic excellence. College care packages create synergy for students to feel love, appreciation, and support from their community as they pursue higher education.

Please drop your donations off to Sky Zone Hamilton or donate at

Here are the supplies they are looking to be donated:

PAPER STUFF (SCHOOL SUPPLIES) -Lots of sticky notes -Pens, pencils, stationary supplies -Paper clips -Thumb tacks -Printer Paper -Notebook Paper -Notebooks -Tape -Stapler -Art Supplies -Pens/Pencils/Markers -Scissors -day planner -erasers -folder -highlighters -manila envelopes -sharpies -book marks -dictionary, thesaurus -rubber bands

TOILETRIES -Shower tote -shower shoes -Lotion -Nail clippers -Extra toothpaste -Towels -Wash clothes -Tissues -Band-Aids -Shampoo -Conditioner -Feminine hygiene products -Hair bands -Nail Clippers -Razors -Shaving Cream -Soap -Toothpaste -Toothbrush-Face wash -Deodorant -Floss -Q-tips/Cotton Balls -hairbrush/comb -acne stuff -lip balm -Mouth wash -Neosporin -mirror -Vaseline -Toilet Paper