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Orange shirt dunking green basketball during glow

Price & Promos Irving, TX

General Admission

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  • All sales are final.

  • For safety reasons we separate jumpers by age&size .

  • Sky Socks are required for all jumpers. Reused Sky Socks are not allowed.

  • Only 1 person per trampoline.

  • Social Distancing is in place.

  • Limited capacity in the building & on the platforms.

  • NO outside food is allowed

  • We recommend all jumpers wear masks.

  • During GLOW all jumper MUST wear light color clothing or you will be asked to purchase one(no dark color shirts).

  • Plus Tax



  • Member FREE Buddy Jump

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  • FREE Sky FIt Class

    Free Sky Fit class for NEWBIES

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  • Monday Madness


    90- MINUTE ALL ACCESS Jump pass --- $10
    Between 4:00 pm -7:00 pm

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  • BoGo Tuesdays

    ---BoGo Tuesdays--
    Buy a 60 minute jump ticket or higher
    AND get the 2nd for FREE*

    See Details
  • Wing Man Wednesdays


    ---Wing Man Wednesdays--
    2- 60 minute ALL ACCESS jump tickets
    $16* 4-7 pm

    See Details
  • Thrilling Thursdays


    90 mins of ALL ACCESS jump time for $10

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  • Fantastic Fridays

    Buy one 2hr ticket GLOW jump ticket & get the 2nd FREE!!
    *Offer valid on Friday GLOW nights only.

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    Buy a 2hr ALL ACCESS GLOW ticket & get a FREE ICEE

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  • $5 Sunday Jump


    Yup that's right....
    $5 --- 60 minute Jump Pass between 11 -1pm

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  • Member Pizza Perk Day


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  • Member ICEE Perk Day


    Buy one ICEE & get the 2nd for FREE

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  • Mini Party $99*


    MINI Party Package

    5- 90 min jump tickets
    5-Sky Zone jump socks.

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  • Limited Edition FREE Socks


    Buy any Limited Edition Sky Socks you get the 2nd for FREE!!!

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  • FREE Jumps - SZ's Sweet 16

    FREE for 30 mins
    Want more jump time??
    Upgrade 30 mins extra $4 - 60 mins $10

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