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Sky Study In Irving, TX

Sky Study

8:00pm - 3:00pm


Sky Study

Reserve a 2 hour work space....

Your space:
  1. You will be in party room with limited capacity.
  2. Access to outlets to charge all your devices.
  3. Free high speed Wi-Fi

Fuel Zone will be open to purchase snacks, pizza, chicken tenders, pretzels, Starbucks, ICEE, etc....

Check in:
We will temp check and give you your Sky Zone Collector Cup for unlimited fountain drinks while your here.
You will be assigned an area.
We do ask that you respect others around you and use headphones.

Check out:
We will sign you out & will give you an 1 hour pass to come back during business ours.

*We have 3 different party rooms with limited capacity *Everyone is required to wear a mask unless eating or drinking. *Park will be closed during school hours 8-3 pm *Reservations must be booked in advanced. *Temp checks will be taken at the door. * Reservations can be rescheduled. *No Refunds