Kids high fiving midiair on freestyle jump

Homeschool Jump In Joliet, IL

Homeschoolers Unite!

Second Friday of the Month 2-4pm

$14.99 / First Jumper + $9.99 / Additional Jumper

Homeschool Jump

Homeschoolers Unite!

Sky Zone Joliet is offering an exclusive jump time on the second Friday of every month for homeschool students.

From 2pm-4pm, it's only $14.99 for the first jumper and $9.99 for any additional jumper.

Enjoy the awesome, healthy, and fun activities Sky Zone Joliet has to offer.

Sky Socks not included and are required to jump. Discounted additional jumper tickets can only be purchased in-park.

11/12/2021 // 2-4pm
12/10/2021 // 2-4pm
1/14/2022 // 2-4pm
2/11/2022 // 2-4pm
3/11/2022 // 2-4pm
4/8/2022 // 2-4pm

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