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Grow Through Active Play at Sky Zone

Sky Zone Kansas City is the perfect place for kids to grow through active play!


Play isn’t all fun and games — it’s also an important teaching tool! Through play, kids learn how to interact with others and develop critical lifelong skills. Sky Zone Kansas City is the perfect place for kids to grow through active play!

These 6 benefits all play an important role in raising well-rounded children.

  1. Physical: Active play, the kind that that takes place at Sky Zone Kansas City, is critical for kids’ physical development. It helps children hone their coordination, balance, gross-motor skills (large movements like crawling and walking) and fine-motor skills (smaller movements like picking objects up). Plus, physical play helps children use up their natural stores of energy (a must!), and promotes better eating and sleeping habits. We all know that is a great side-effect for parents too!
  2. Emotional: Through play, kids learn to cope with their emotions as they act out fear, frustration, and aggression in a situation they must control. Plus, by giving kids a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction on the Sky Zone Obstacles, play with us can help build kids’ confidence and self-perception.
  3. Social: Cooperative play especially happens during Sky Zone Kansas City SkyCamp, it helps kids hone their social skills as they figure out how to negotiate the group dynamics. It helps them learn how to collaborate and compromise with others, recognize and respond to others’ feelings, share, show affection, resolve conflicts, and adhere to the rules. 
  4. Cognitive: One of the best ways to stimulate brain development and reinforce these valuable skills is by playing with your child as they explore objects and physical spaces, and learn to process sights and sounds. Self-directed play gives kids the opportunity to hone their decision-making skills. This can easily been seen through our toddler jumpers during our Little Leapers Program. 
  5. Creative: Play gives kids a chance to truly let their imaginations run wild and create worlds of their own that they have control over. An active imagination will continue to serve kids throughout their lives. Watching the kids play at Sky Zone you will see so many creative minds at work.
  6. Communication: By playing with others, children learn the art of communication. At Sky Zone, kids who have never met each other end up playing together. They figure out how to strike up and carry on conversations, and how to express their thoughts and desires in a way that won’t cause problems and put a stop to the group game.

Encouraging healthy habits that your child can carry through to adulthood can easily start with Active Play. Sky Zone Kansas City offers a variety of Programs in addition to open jump where all attractions are open for unlimited play possibilities!
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