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aerial shot of girl grabbing orange dodgeball

Kevin Hart and Anna Kendrick visit Sky Zone

Ultimate dodgeball? Run for your lives!

For years, that's what actress and singer Anna Kendrick did. Being picked last for dodgeball wasn't one of her favorite memories. But now that she's all grown up, she and Kevin Hart of What the Fit thought it would be a great time to address those lingering childhood fears. A time to conquer all those years of shame and rejection.

Join Kevin and Anna as they journey from the cozy living rooms of psychics to the thunder-dome itself, Sky Zone. Not only is this dynamic duo ready to tackle past fears, they are locked and loaded, ready to do whatever it takes to become the ultimate dodgeball champions!

What could possibly go wrong?

Anna wants to know: “Who wants a piece of this?”

Funny you should ask, Anna. Only Sky Zone’s very own international sensation, Team DOOM—professional dodgeball extraordinaire traveling the world in pursuit of worthy opponents.

Kevin thinks they don’t look so tough!

Who will come out on top? Does Anna conquer her fear and dodge all of the balls? Will Kevin protect her? Will she protect Kevin?

There’s only one way to find out!

How’d they do?

Not so bad, huh?

Whether you’re looking to release some playground trauma, or just play, Sky Zone is the place to get your game on. Celebrities, influencers and YouTube superstars love to visit the Sky Zone, a feel-good place for friends and family to come together, be social, and give back to the community. But be warned: endorphin levels may rise, and you may not be able to stop smiling.

We can learn a lot from celebrities like Kevin and Anna. They embody what it means to embrace who you are and just play, something we believe above all else at Sky Zone. Whether that is a cheeky, dodgeball-avoiding chihuahua or a charismatic team-leading lion, there’s no one who can be you better than you.