group of climbers making their way up skyclimb

SkyClimb In Lancaster, PA

Take climbing to the next level with the ultimate vertical obstacle course. Climb, jump, and fly across a challenging course while securely harnessed from above on an auto belay system.


  • Athletic shoes (sneakers) or Sky Socks are required for Sky Climb. Open toed shoes are not safe for the climber to wear and due to this we will not be able to allow people wearing them to climb. If you are under 30 pounds the belay system will act as a lift and not a belay. If you are over 300 pounds the belay system will not support the weight and it could cause a free fall scenario. Due to these things guests under 30 pounds or over 300 pounds will not be allowed to climb.
  • Our goal at Sky Zone is always to keep our guests 100% safe. Only guests that have climb stickers will be allowed in the climbing area. Our team members are well trained to care for the safety of all climbers and each shift has at least one team member that is trained in climb rescues if someone were to get scared and freeze on the walls.
  • All climbers must be six years of age or older.
  • Sky Climb is open on select days and times. Sky Climb will be open due to availabilty. It is not a guaranteed area.