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Preparing for your party day is an easy and seamless experience at Sky Zone! Here's all you need to know before the big day!

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Party Planning

Find all your to-do's and party-planning reminders right in one place

Send Out Your Invitations!

Create a custom digital invitation and download to send your Invitees! Be sure to include the check-in time for your guest. Digital Invitations can be printed at home or saved as PDF documents to be shared with friends and family as an email attachment. Printed invitations are also included with your party package and available for pick up at the park.
Create Your Invitation

Complete your Liability Waiver!

Make sure that you have completed a waiver for your child or children and remind all guests of the party that jumpers must have a completed waiver by their parent/legal guardian. Make sure the waivers are completed before your party date to ensure a quick and smooth party check-in.
Fill Out Waivers

Your Party

What to expect from the day you book to your party day schedule

Confirmation Call

A representative from our Events Team will give you a call the week of your event to review final details. This will be your opportunity to add on extra jumpers, more food, and party favors for your guests.

Early Arrival

We ask that you and your guests arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled jump time. We want to ensure everyone who gets checked in has a valid waiver, Sky Socks, and the corresponding jump sticker. Party parents will also receive our Sky Promise, where we as the Sky Zone team members promise to make this experience a memorable one. We will also review the details of your party. Party parents will also meet their Event Host and go over any specifics. Please be advised that your party room will not be available to you before or during your jump time. Party Room time is 60 minutes. Please advise your Event Host on how you would like to use your time. 

What to


  • Cake/Cupcakes
  • Table cloth
  • Themed party ware

Don't Bring

  • Outside food/beverage
  • Wall decorations, confetti, piñata

Park Specific


You have put down a 50% deposit for your event and will need to pay the remaining balance upon check in. This deposit is completely refundable up to 10 days before your scheduled event. Should you cancel your event within 10 days of the scheduled date, you will forfeit your initial deposit.  


Outside food is prohibited with the exception of cakes, cupcakes or special dietary foods. If a guest has an allergy or special need of any kind we need to be aware of, please advise us at your earliest convenience so that we may make the necessary accommodations.


Sky Zone Lancaster provides plates, napkins, cups and utensils for your event. Should you want to bring additional decorations, such as, table cloths and/or themed party ware, you are more than welcome to do so. Confetti, wall decorations, and pinatas are prohibited. Balloons must be weighted down. 

Late Arrival

We advise all guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled jump time. Should you or your guests arrive late, we will be unable to grant additional jump/party room time.


  • We care about your safety and injury healing time for personal injuries. Soft and Hard cast guests will not be approved for Sky Zone activities.
  • Athletic style clothing is recommended for jumping. Please do not wear long scarves, loose clothing, or anything with sharp objects such as belts. Sky Zone Lancaster is a family friendly location, revealing attire which exposes the midriff, cleavage or buttocks is considered inappropriate and guests will be asked to cover up. Clothing with inappropriate wording or imagery on it will also be asked to be covered.
  • We do age and size separate for the safety of all guests, A (0-4yrs), B (5-10yrs), C (11-15yrs) & D (16yrs+) Children and parents may jump next to each other at sky slam and foam zone. However, parents and small children may not play dodgeball together.
  • Our general rule is that valid/legible waivers for walk-in customers are kept on file for one year. However, for a variety of reasons, this cannot be guaranteed. It's always a good idea to bring a new one or phone ahead to see if your waiver remains valid. If you attended a birthday party or group event, your waiver will still be on file for the next time you come into the park. In addition, you must have the specific waiver completed for the actual Sky Zone park you are visiting (a Sky Zone waiver at one park is not valid at a different park). But don’t worry, you can complete your waiver online before getting to the park. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian to sign their waivers. Anyone over 18 can sign their own.
  • Yes, there is a 300 pound weight limit.
  • You're more than welcome to open presents in the party room as long as time allows.