Call Center Agent

If you have passion to help people with their party planning needs, this job is for you.

This team member assists with answering our call sa nd assist customers with party and group bookings as well as help with answering and clarifying questions. The job requires you to work on site.


Maintains the cleanliness and safety of the park

Ensures that all trampolines and equipment are up to standard and functioning properly.

Assists operations manager with repairs and maintenance of building and equipment.

Court Monitor

The Court Monitor will work directly with Guests, providing courteous, friendly, and professional assistance while enforcing Sky Zone safety standards.

• Pay attention to the court at all times and be interactive with the participants.
• Advocate Guest satisfaction/WoW!
• Advocate risk management (Guest Rules communication)
• Maintain positive relations and rapport with patrons, but be firm and command respect • Have full knowledge of emergency procedures and assist in implementing them
• Assist with court inspections
• Perform general maintenance/custodial duties as requested
• Attend regularly scheduled Team Members meetings and in-service meetings and training sessions • Other duties as assigned

Party Pro

The Party Pro will help create a Fun and engaging experience for Guests through courteous, friendly, and professional assistance. Emphasis on in-room party activities.

• Maintain positive relations and rapport with Guests

• Engage Guests (parents and children) in conversation

• Create a Fun environment
• Advocate Guest satisfaction/WoW!

• Advocate risk management (Guest Rules communication)

• Maintain party room to standard

• Greet the party and escort them from the court to the party room
• Serve refreshments
• Create a party gift list of presents when necessary

• Custodial duties as requested

• Required to undergo Court Monitor Training


The Cashier will provide information and complete sales transactions while maintaining the highest level of Guest service.

• Greet the Guests

• Provide information

• Explain Sky Zone court policies

• Enforce Waiver (Participant Agreement) policies

• Complete sales transactions and handle cash
• Handle concessions orders

• Stock concessions inventory

• Enter data into computer system

• Stock front desk supplies

• Clean bathrooms and other custodial duties as requested
• Must complete Court Monitor Training