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kids playing dodgeball on main court


Combine regular dodgeball with Sky Zone’s patented wall-to-wall trampolines and get the world’s most awesome sport: Ultimate Dodgeball. You can only find Ultimate Dodgeball at Sky Zone, included in your open jump pricing, and pick-up games are held daily (when courts are available). We separate games for those over 5' and 5' and shorter. Jumpers 40" and shorter are not allowed to play in Ultimate Dodgeball games. Dodgeball is not guaranteed as there may not be enough jumpers interested in playing a game in your height bracket. Rules - Each game is up to 9 v 9 - If a participant is hit with a dodgeball by the opposing team, they are out of the game - If the opposing team catches a ball in the air thrown by a participant, the participant is out of the game - The game ends when the last player is out from one of the participating teams or approximately 4 minutes