5 boys holding dodgeball jumping on trampoline for SkyCamp hero image.

SkyCamp In Moorestown, NJ

Not available until Summer 2021


Have an epic time at SkyCamp! Kids can have fun while staying active, with instructor-led activities like age-appropriate exercise and Ultimate Dodgeball. It's easy and hassle-free for parents: Drop 'em off and we'll make sure they have the best experience ever.


  • We are dedicated to creating a safe and fun atmosphere for our campers. There will be an assigned Camp Counselor with campers at all times. Each Camp Leader will be interviewed, trained, and background checked to ensure that every camper has the best time possible during their camp sessions!
  • We will be offering Half Day, Full Day, Half Week, and FULL WEEK sessions for Sky Camp!
    • Half Session 1 (AM) --- Drop-Off: x:xx AM // Pick-Up: xx:xx PM... each day, Mon - Fri
    • Half Session 2 (PM) --- Drop-Off: xx:xx AM // Pick-Up: x:xx PM... each day, Mon - Fri
    • Full Session --- Drop-Off: x:xx AM // Pick-Up: x:xx PM... each day, Mon - Fri
    ** Please note that ALL late pick-ups will warrant a late pick-up fee of $xx/session **

    When will we host camp? Camp will be available throughout the following weeks:
    • Not available until Summer 2021

  • Our Camp pricing is as follows:
    • Half Day: $xx.xx
    • Full Day: $xx.xx
    • Half Week: $xxx.xx
    • Full Week: $xxx.xx

    *** $100 non-refundable deposit is REQUIRED at the time of booking. ****
    **** Cancel within 7 days to receive this back on a Sky Zone gift card, or reschedule at any time! ****

  • Sky Camp will be for x-x ONLY.
    1. Early Bird Special - xx% off of any Sky Camp session(s)!

    *Early Bird Discount will end on xx/xx/xxxx!
  • Here is a breakdown on activities on a day-to-day basis throughout Sky Camp!
    • Not available until Summer 2021

    Planned Jumping Activities Could Include:
    • 1v1 Dodgeball Tournaments
    • ‘Gotta dodge ‘em all!’ Games (1v1, one on offense, one on defense)
    • Sky Olympics
    • Foam Block Building Contests
    • Relay Races at Foam Zone
    • Shot Contests at Sky Hoops
    • Dunk Contests at Sky Slam
    • Minesweeper on Fusion
    • + more!
  • An up-to-date Sky Zone waiver is required for all jumpers.
    ** If the jumper is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian is required to sign and submit the waiver.
  • All late pick-ups from Sky Camp will result in a $xx.xx late pick-up fee.
    This fee will apply to each late pick-up.