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Summer Camp Field Trips!

Summer Camp Field Trips!
The perfect outing for your summer campers!

Thank you for your interest in booking a field trip for your campers! You may choose to book a "Group Jump" where your campers will jump with the general public or choose to book a Facility Rental. Email our events department at so we can reach back out to you at a time that works for you! We've compiled a list of FAQs to help you learn more!

Summer Camp Field Trip FAQs

Camps, school groups and organizations require a 50% deposit 7 days before the event. The balance may be paid the day of the event. We accept business checks, credit cards or cash. Personal checks are not accepted. Checks should be made payable to Sky Zone Mount Olive or Go Ahead and Jump 3.
SKYSOCKS: SkySocks are not included and an additional fee per pair. If your campers have been here before, they're welcome to bring them.
Camps are NOT permitted to sign the waivers for the jumpers. Each camper’s waiver must be signed by their respective parent or legal guardian. Camps are advised to send out a letter or email to all of the parents and have them sign our online waivers Camps are encouraged to send a list of names 1 week before their event to the park so campers can be “checked-in” for waivers. Here is the URL link to the waivers, which can be sent to parents:

We require that a camp director or other camp employee with SIGNING AUTHORITY fills out a waiver for themselves as well as filling out and signing an agreement that outlines, among other things, that it is the responsibility of the camp to ensure that the waivers are indeed signed by the jumper’s parents or legal guardian. You will receive this agreement, to have signed, at the time of booking and once received back, with a valid signature, your booking will be confirmed. 

Outside food is permitted ONLY if a room has been rented (or the entire facility has been rented); otherwise outside food is not permitted. There will be NO eating on the bleachers or in the concessions area. Camps may not bring in bagged lunches or food if they do not have a room rented. 
A camp with 50 or more jumpers should arrive at least 30 minutes before jump time. Camps with less than 50 jumpers should arrive 15-20 minutes before jump time to check-in. 
For Sky Zone Mount Olive, buses can park on the side of the building.

Camps are issued their own labeled cart to hold belongings (shoes, bags, etc.). Please note that we are not responsible for lost or misplaced items. 

Guests are responsible for throwing away any trash left on the tables, benches, and floor (wrappers, plates, food, cups, etc). Sky Zone will thoroughly sanitize, take care of spraying down the tables, sweeping any crumbs, and taking out the trash.