girl doing midair flip during freestyle jump

Donation Request In Mt. Sinai, NY

At Sky Zone we feel strongly about giving back to the community that supports us. We do that in a variety of ways. Sky Zone Volunteers participating in community activities Donations for fundraisers (generally a four pack of 60 minute passes) Sky Zone in park Give Back Fundraisers - We generally do not do advertisements and sponsorship's. We prefer opportunities to directly engage with the Long Island community. - Unfortunately we cannot say yes to all requests. We choose those that align best with our priorities: Promoting a healthy lifestyle through a focus on fitness and fun. Supporting schools and educational programs. Supporting children in need and their families. Groups or individuals requesting donations must fully complete a Donation Form that can be requested by emailing A committee made up of Sky Zone Volunteers review all requests once a month. · Requests will only be considered if submitted at least six weeks in advance of event. · Requests submitted without a Tax ID number will not be considered. · Organizations are limited to one request per calendar year. Please note that we receive many requests, and we want to respond positively to as many as we can, but please understand that our donation funds are limited.