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Preparing for your party day is an easy and seamless experience at Sky Zone! Here's all you need to know before the big day!

Contact an Events Team member

Just booked your party? Get started by watching our party planning video!

Party Planning

Find all your to-do's and party-planning reminders right in one place

Send out Invitations

Due 14 Days Before Party

Create a custom digital invitation and download to send to your guests. Be sure to include the check-in time for your guests. Digital invites can be printed at home or saved as a PDF document to be shared with friends and family as an email attachment.
Evites are also included with your package and can be accessed from your confirmation email. Request custom printed Invitations complete with an envelope for only $1/invitation.
Send invitations

Complete a Waiver

Due 3 Days Before Party

Make sure that you have completed a waiver for your child or children and remind all of the guests of the party that jumpers must have a completed waiver by their own parent/legal guardian. Completing waivers before the day of the event will ensure a quick and smooth party check-in. Waiver stations will NOT be accessible during party check in.

Your Party

What to expect from the day you book to your party day schedule

Confirmation Call

A representative from our Events Team will give you a call the week of your event to review final details. This will be your opportunity to add on extra jumpers and more food for your party guests! If we miss you, we will leave a voicemail and you can give us a call back to confirm at your convenience.

You can also reach us by text using the icon on our homepage.

Check In

We ask that you and your guests arrive 30 minutes prior to your event. We cannot guarantee accommodation for a late arrival. Please allow sufficient travel time during inclement weather.

An event assistant will go over the details and structure of your event. You will meet your Party Pro at this time and they will be with you for the duration of the event.

Final payment is due before jumpers enter the court area.

Before Jump Time

You will gather on the bleachers with your guests. As you and your guests check in, your belongings will be placed in a bin that will be taken to your event room by your designated Party Pro. If your whole party is here before your designated jump time, we may be able to start your party early, but it is not guaranteed.

Time To Jump

Your party will either jump for 1 hour. Your Party Pro will spend the first 20 minutes of jump time on the courts with your party then head to your party room for set up. Your party room time will start after jump time has ended and your Party Pro will make an announcement and escort you to your room.

Check out

We hope you had an incredible experience with us and look forward to having you back in the park with us soon. Your Party Pro graciously accepts gratuity if you feel they provided an awesome experience for you and your guests!

What to


  • Cake or cupcakes

Don't Bring

  • Outside food/drinks


Park Specific

No Outside food

Cake, cupcakes, or ice cream are the only outside food items we allow. We do accommodate requests for guests with food allergies or special diets. Please speak to a team member for questions.

Cancellation Policy

You have put down a 50% deposit for your event. Final payment will be due at check-in or prior to your group jumping. Your deposit is completely refundable up to 14 days before your scheduled event. Should you cancel your event within 14 days of the scheduled date, you will receive your initial deposit back on a Sky Zone Newark Gift Card. You may also choose to reschedule your party for a different date/time, subject to availability.  

Age and Size Separation

We age/size separate for everyone's safety. Ages 0-4 will be in Group A, ages 5-10 will be in Group B, ages 11-5 will be in Group C and ages 16+ will be in Group D. Each person will jump in the area of the main court designated to his/her age group. If an issue does arise, we will do our best to accommodate you!


  • The event assistant will package your presents up at check in for you to take home at the end of your event. If you would like to open your gifts here, please let an event assistant know at check in and we can accommodate!
  • Yes, each jumper will receive a pair of SkySocks at Check in
  • If you need accessibility, we have one party room downstairs that will accommodate. All other party rooms are located in the mezzanine and are only accessible by stairs.
  • Due to other events, your party room is not accessible until after your jump time.
  • If you feel you received exceptional service, gratuities are appreciated!
  • Your deposit is refundable up to 2 weeks prior to your event. If you cancel within 2 weeks of your event, your deposit will go onto a Sky Zone gift card or you may reschedule.
  • Each package is based on the number of jumpers, not the age of the jumper. Adults and children may jump with any package, but will all be included as individual jumpers.